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The England Team’s Number One WAGs

It's coming home, but who are the pups the players are going home to?

by Orla Pentelow
Updated 10 July 2024
picture of trent alexander-arnold holding a french bulldog and smiling

As the men’s Euros 2024 draw to a close, excitement is in the air across the country. The England men's squad have done very well indeed and will be (gasp!) playing in the final this Sunday against Spain. Despite a slow start, they’ve ignited the hopes and dreams of football fans across the nation. Will it finally come home for the men this year? 

While the focus is undeniably on the skill and strategy of the team (and our beautiful angel-from-heaven Bukayo Saka) there’s another set of stars that have captured our hearts: the players’ dogs. The official England Instagram recently posted a delightful series of photos highlighting them, dubbing the pups as ‘royalty’ – and it’s easy to see why. 

The England team’s four-legged fans are not just pets; they are loyal companions who provide unwavering support to their famous parents. The squad’s very own Harry Kane-ine or C-Ollie Watkins, so to speak, and their number one WAGs. We dive into the adorable world of the England squad’s pups and get to know the dogs who the team are coming home to.

England squad players and their pups

Declan Rice – Raffa the Cockapoo

Declan Rice, the ever-reliable Arsenal midfielder, has a special place in his heart for his Cockapoo named Raffa. Raffa is a bundle of joy and energy, much like his pup parent on the pitch. 

It’s clear that Raffa is not just a pet but a cherished member of the family. Rice has mentioned in interviews how having Raffa around helps him unwind after the intense pressures of a match.

“Raffa brings so much joy into our lives. He’s always there to greet me with a wagging tail, and that kind of unconditional love is priceless,” Rice shared during a live chat with fans on social media.

Conor Gallagher – Freddy the Chow Chow

Conor Gallagher’s adorable Chow Chow, Freddy, has become quite the sensation on social media, often appearing in Gallagher’s social media stories and posts, and garnering a large follower count himself with his very own Instagram

Gallagher humorously admits Freddy is “not the smartest dog”, a sentiment he shared during a light-hearted interview on YouTube. But smarts or not, it’s evident that Freddy holds a special place in Gallagher’s heart. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold – French Bulldogs

Trent Alexander-Arnold, known for his sharp defensive skills, has a soft spot for his French Bulldogs. These lovable pups are frequent stars on his Instagram feed and Trent can regularly be seen cuddling with his Bulldogs.

Their wrinkled faces and perky ears make for an irresistibly cute picture, especially for Trent’s “number one” as he shared in one caption

Aaron Ramsdale – Blue the Chow Chow

Blue has been a constant presence in Aaron Ramsdale’s life, providing a sense of stability and companionship, with the Arsenal goalkeeper often speaking about the positive impact Blue has on his well-being.

“I got a Chow Chow… He sleeps three-quarters of the day,” said Ramsdale in an interview with Sky News. “He runs the house when I’m not there. Takes liberties over my missus. Takes her for walks. And then will sit down halfway through the walk and refuse to move.”

Despite Blue’s stubborn streak, Ramsdale appreciates the unconditional love and loyalty his dog offers. “When you’ve got this creature, this animal when you walk in the door with a big tongue hanging out the mouth and, like, their tails wagging. They don’t care, they just want to see their owner,” Ramsdale added.

Harry Kane – Brady and Wilson the Labradors

Harry Kane, the powerful striker and England men’s captain, has two loyal Labradors (named after American football legends Tom Brady and Russell Wilson) who are as much a part of his family as his human relatives. These Labradors are not just pets; they are integral to Kane’s life, providing comfort and companionship during the highs (and some of the lows) of his football career.

Kane has been known to speak to his dogs on the phone when he’s away and credits them with helping his mental health. “They’re a big part of the family and keep us all grounded,” Kane revealed.

The England captain also took to social media recently to explain how “fortunate” he is to have a dog walk route close to home where he can “go for a stroll and clear my mind”. He added, “Being active is part of my daily routine as you’d expect but it’s the dog walk which I find so good for a mental recharge!”

Dean Henderson – Rottweiler

Dean Henderson’s Rottweiler is a powerful and protective presence in his life – quite literally. Not only is a Rottie a strong and loyal breed, Henderson’s own pup also comes from a protection training background. The Rottweiler is often featured in Henderson’s social media posts, showcasing their close bond and it’s clear that this Rottweiler plays a crucial role in Henderson’s life, both on and off the pitch.

Jordan Pickford – Cavapoo

Jordan Pickford’s Cavapoo (a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle) has a big personality despite their smaller stature. The Cavapoo’s playful nature and loving disposition make it an ideal companion for Pickford, who often shares pictures and videos of their adventures together.

Eberechi Eze – Cartier the Shar Pei

Eberechi Eze’s Shar Pei, Cartier, named after the French jewellery house, has his own Instagram account, where fans can follow his daily escapades and charming personality. In various posts, it’s evident that Cartier is more than just a pet; he’s a beloved member of the Crystal Palace midfielder’s family – Cartier is regularly seen lounging comfortably at home with Eze’s brothers and cousins.

Lewis Dunk – Drogba the Cockerpoo

lewis Dunk's dogs

Despite Lewis Dunk being a centre-back for Brighton & Hove Albion, the England star is such a Chelsea fan the love has spilled over to his adorable Cockerpoos, naming one of his family dogs after the former Blues forward Didier Drogba.

“My family dog’s named after Drogba. That was down to the whole family, probably my brother more than me. But of course, I’m a big Drogba fan,” he said in 2019. “He's a Cocker-Spaniel cross Poodle though, so it doesn’t really suit Drogba!”

Orla Pentelow

Orla Pentelow is a freelance journalist and copywriter based in London. When not at her desk she’s out and about with her rescue dog, Luna, who works primarily as chief distractor.

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