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Get tips on pet-proofing your digs, keeping your pets warm (or cool) through the seasons, and avoiding all the toxic stuff… like toys, plants, and everything else they try to eat.

Avoid heat stroke in dogs by sprinkling in the backyard with your dog

How to take precautions for your pup when temperatures rise

Husky on tarmac in warm weather

How to keep your dog safe, happy and active all summer long

Person walking dog on lead

Ways to keep your dog safe that you’ve never thought of 

Close-up of a Merle coated Greyhound dog laying in the lap of their pet parent on the bed

This dangerous disease has been spotted a number of times in the UK. Here’s how to recognise if your dog has symptoms

woman dresses a great dane's paw with an orange bandage

Get your kit sorted now so you’re ready in an emergency

woman with tattoos strokes big grey dog

Beloved pets are often used by perpetrators of domestic abuse to manipulate their victims. That’s why Dogs Trust runs a specialist service to temporarily home dogs while their parents seek safety

group of three people and a dog gather round food on a picnic blanket on grass

There is nothing more humbling than apologising to a stranger in the park while your dog nibbles on their sausage roll

cat lying on windowsill looking sad

With automatic feeders and self-cleaning litter trays, your cat could technically look after themselves... but should they?

Animal welfare charities and veterinary organisations have teamed up to urge on pet parents to get clued up ahead of the warm weather

Discover your options for creating a safe window spot for your cat

Dog in a car seat being strapped into the seat belt by their harness

Including how to stop them jumping out the window whilst you’re driving...

Summer safety is vital for cats

A woman checking her dog for ticks outside in a grassy field.

We asked a vet for tips on how to prevent the tick-borne Lyme disease in dogs

Shepherd dog playing with yellow ball at the beach

Check the rules before heading out…

Golden retriever lying in grass with red eyes

Pet parents are being urged to keep their pets indoors during peak pollen times “until September”

A woman sitting on her patio with her Irish Setter dog on the grass in front of her.

Green fingers at the ready...

A woman with glasses holds out a whippet to a boy with pink hair and glasses

It should be a last resort, and there are plenty of options to explore first, but here’s how to surrender your pet safely if you have to

Confused dog lying in a field a green

The charity has seen an influx of marijuana poisoning cases in recent years

Green fingers at the ready

a small brown kitten is bottle fed

The charity is expecting an influx of kittens this summer

picture of pit bull with cropped ears and bandages

There's no good reason to ever do this to your dog

a man holds a kitten while a woman scans it for microchip

Microchipping your cat is quick and painless – and it’s now required by law

A cat sitting in a tall grassy area.

Two vets’ pro tips for preventing your cat from picking up ticks (and how to remove them if it’s too late for that)

An orange cat walking on a yellow cat exercise wheel.

We delve into all things feline fitness to learn whether your cat should be shredding and shedding

woman with a bison friese and corgi, vacuuming the white dog on her lap

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

A black cat holding onto a rope with its claws.

A veterinarian explains why the inhumane surgery is no joke

Man walking his dog on a pavement

We delve into the age-old debate