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Wonder how often you really need to brush your pet’s teeth? Here’s everything you need to know about caring for their pearly whites.

a woman with red hair brushes the teeth of a king Charles spaniel with pink toothbrush

What to do if you’ve let your pooch’s pearly whites get past their best

Curious cat sniffing on toothpaste on toothbrush held by pet owner.

It sounds like a daunting task, but here are some helpful steps to take

Woman playing with her puppy.

Whether you should save them for the tooth fairy is another issue entirely

cat biting person's hand

Take things slow to figure out what works best for their pearly whites

Woman playing with her orange cat.

Oof, that is bad

Photo of small terrier dog outside int he sun with mouth open, teeth and tongue visible

A new study finds that small dog breeds are at higher risk for dental disease

Cute black cat with short fur grimacing as her anonymous owner is brushing her teeth with a toothbrush to maintain good dental health.

You can still maintain their dental health without getting an unfortunate bite

Woman carefully cleaning a dog in a bathtub.

Spa days can happen at home

Dog laying his head on owners lap while owner holds his ears.

Veterinarian Dr Shea Cox on how to assess your dog’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth

Golden Retriever dog chewing on rawhide toy seated on a blanket by a window

The six dangers of rawhide dog bones

pet lover concept with mini dog on woman leg. sitting in room at home

How to teach your pup to play nice

White and brown puppy destroyed a stuffed toy

How to teach your dog to enjoy, not destroy, their toys

Side view of a cute hungry dog standing next to a red bowl with food in a studio with white background

You can’t appease a picky dog with chicken nuggets like you can with a toddler. Here are some things you can do

A person holding a dogs mouth open showing its braces.

Braces are actually the most gentle way of dealing with your dog’s malocclusion (aka a ‘bad bite’)

woman with red hair holds senior Pomeranian dog

Is your dog getting older? As dogs age, its important to recognise both physical and mental changes they may be experiencing and learn how to cater to those needs

Cat sticking its tongue out in motion

Sometimes it works the other way round – here’s why your cat is drooling

Close up of red headed woman holding a black dog's face showing his teeth

Dogs can suffer from gum disease, too. Here’s how to prevent it

Bullmastiff puppy chewing on a purple ring chew toy

Veterinary behaviourist Dr Valli Parthasarathy recommends the most durable dog toys for destructive players

Owner pets senior ginger cat.

How to spot and how to treat them

A smiling man with short black hair sitting on the grass outside leaning on his Dalmatian dog who is also smiling showing clean teeth

The toothbrushes, dental wipes and breath fresheners that’ll keep your pup smiling

A calico tabby kitten chewing and tearing a roll of toilet tissue.

How to decode your cat’s chewing habits when they’re nibbling on all the things

Young female veterinarian in her consulting room performing a medical examination on a pet

How to spot, diagnose and treat the painful lesions – whether cancerous or non-cancerous

Young woman with her senior dog in the autumn park.

Your older dog is the love of your life. Here are some health issues to look out for

Golden retriever puppy upside down playing with a mans hands and attempting to play bite.

Because bite marks are not a good look

woman draped in an orange blanket holds a black-and-white puppy

What to Expect When You’re Expecting – canine edition

a pair of English cream retriever dogs wiggle around on their backs with big grins on their faces

Here are four common dental problems your pup might face and how to treat them