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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

A man sitting at his kitchen table using a laptop with a black and white cat on his lap.

A report shows that man has a new best friend

Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry star in John Wick with two German Shepherd dogs.

Even if you do want to live that Elle Woods life...


Brown dog with white markings standing in leaves

The truth is breed labels are often wrong

girl in a yellow top and baseball cap hugs a big fluffy white dog on a beach

You’ve chosen to adopt a dog, congratulations! But with dogs in need both here and abroad, which route should you take?

A man with a face tattoo, a man with a beard and a woman with face tattoos hug black labrador puppies

People with distinctive features step forwards, you’re needed to train the next generation of seeing eye dogs. Here’s what’s involved...

Two men look lovingly into each others' eyes while cradling a white dog

So-called ‘milestones’ are shifting these days. Is getting a dog the new getting hitched?

Tabby cat trying to open with her head window in order to enter the house.

TikTok thinks the universe just provides you a cat – is that really a thing?

woman hugging dog

If you’re struggling with pet care costs, you are far from alone and there’s no shame seeking help. Here’s a few places to start

a white dog stares up at a pink dress and yellow dress waving outside in the wind on a clothing line

You’re in love, but is it irresponsible to add four paws to the mix?

a nervous dog sits on a sofa

At so many points in those first hours, weeks, months, I screamed, internally: what have we done? 

Man holds his fluffy white dog outside.

A new study scores dogs on behaviours such as how they responded when unfamiliar people visited or if they were jealous when their owner gave affection to another animal

Two senior cats laying on a couch

I adopted a couple of seniors because cats, like wine, only get better with age

two bonded kittens snuggling

Here’s why bonded kitties, senior cats and felines with FIV make just as amazing pets as any other

Woman using a laptop in bed, looking at her cat

Here’s how to help your rescue kitty feel at home

2 cats on a small chair

Feels high stakes because it kind of is

Kitten sitting on a blanket

A vet breaks down everything you need to know when you bring home a new kitten

Two tabby cats cuddling each other with their eyes closed

Cat behaviourist Kristiina Wilson on the importance of socialising cats

Curly afro woman stroking her bonded cats on the couch in living room

Some besties are inseparable, and that’s not always a bad thing

A dog running with a woman on a pier.

Find out which dog breed is right for your lifestyle

Blonde woman with hand tattoo kissing her gray kitten

From where to begin looking to how to prepare your home for the new arrival

tripod dog / dog with three legs

Why you shouldn’t rule out senior dogs, special-needs pups, bully breeds or tripods

Cat sitting on a kitchen chair, looking at the camera

A cat behaviourist’s 10 steps for keeping your cat out of trouble

woman with new puppy

Sound advice from seasoned dog and cat parents who have been there

mom and daughter playing with puppy

They’ll always remember their first childhood pet – this intro is just the beginning

A woman with dark curly hair lifting a box with a plant in a pot balanced on top to another area in the home

7 tips for acing your inspection and bringing your new pup home

Man holding a dog in front of a light gray background

Hundreds of dogs are rescued from hoarding situations every year. Here’s what their adopters should know, according to animal welfare experts

Big dog sniffs little dog in greeting

There’s a lot more to it than sniffing each other’s butts