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anxiety & separation anxiety

Learn how to deal with separation anxiety (and other forms of pet anxiety) so your pets keep calm when you’re not together.

Cat being affectionate towards woman with tattoos

You could solve the mystery that is your kitty

Man walking his dog on a pavement

We delve into the age-old debate

Illustration of a woman hugging a dog

A study finds that your pup can tell – er, smell – when you’ve been doom-scrolling

Photo of a young woman working on her laptop from her home, while her dog is waiting for her to finish - so they can play and cuddle.

You love that your dog is your shadow, but maybe not when you’re on a Zoom call

Young woman holding her large dog in her arms outdoors.

Did you get a dog for emotional support and now they are the one who needs it?

black and white Corgi puppy eating out of a yellow dog bowl

It turns out the saying ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t just for humans

woman holding tabby kitten smiles at man holding tabby cat

Whether you have a friendly feline or a senior sourpuss, it’s important to help your cat adjust to a new kitten in the house

A blonde woman wearing a longsleeved green jumper and sneakers sitting in the open trunk of a SUV car with her arm around her Golden Retriever dog sitting next to her

Celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell explains how to crate train a dog with an intense fear of being in the car

Dog holding a toy and looking up at their owner

And should you be worried?

fox on city street at night

What to do with a dog who gets rowdy near foxes? And is it even safe for my dog to be near them?

kneeling woman with braids training her golden retriever

With so many dog trainers out there that it can be hard to know who you can actually trust (especially if your dog has trust issues of their own), here’s where to start… 

sad woman and dog touch heads in a window seat

Three dog behaviourists share insights and advice to help you and your pups navigate this incredibly difficult time

a nervous dog sits on a sofa

At so many points in those first hours, weeks, months, I screamed, internally: what have we done? 

Golden retriever puppy chewing and pulling on lead as pet parent tries to walk them

Turns out, humans weren’t the only ones affected

Man holds his fluffy white dog outside.

A new study scores dogs on behaviours such as how they responded when unfamiliar people visited or if they were jealous when their owner gave affection to another animal

Female dog trainer raising a treat above a beagle dog's head

The founder of Fear Free Pets, Dr Marty Becker, on how this method makes vet visits, training sessions and grooming appointments less stressful for pets

Young smiling female owner sitting on leather chair and embracing cute beige Cocker Spaniel dog.

It’s normal to worry – but your pup might also need some space

Young woman and her small white dog with a Whistle GPS.

Advancements in artificial intelligence are changing everything from the way we detect illnesses to how we keep our pets safe

Man cuddling his gray cat.

You love them like a child, but is the feeling mutual?

young man with black hair cuddling his beagle dog

Leaving your dog alone at home can be guilt-inducing... but it doesn’t have to be

corgi puppy hiding under table afraid

The emotional road to recovery can be a long one. Heres what you can do

Woman in a white sweater hugging her cat next to a window

Find out if your cat has seasonal depression, and how to combat it

Dog looking out a window in the winter

Here’s why dogs may suffer from seasonal affective disorder, too

toddler boy bothering dog with ball in mouth

Unsolicited approaches from children can’t always be predicted

orange cat looking out window

Why your cat freaks out when you’re away (and how to help)

Woman taking a night walk with her small black dachshund.

If your dog is reluctant to go outside in the evening (or 4pm as it’s known in winter), there might be a good reason

Cats might be curious creatures, but when yours goes missing it can send the most composed pet parent into a spin