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skin issues & allergies

Casual scratch? Weird paw lick? Seasonal allergies? Fleas? We’ll help you decipher all the pet skin issues.

Dog sneezing on dog bed

Don’t panic! In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about

Golden retriever lying in grass with red eyes

Pet parents are being urged to keep their pets indoors during peak pollen times “until September”

A dog scratching itself among the leaves outside.

If allergens were to ask, “am I the problem” the answer would be yes

A cat sitting in a tall grassy area.

Two vets’ pro tips for preventing your cat from picking up ticks (and how to remove them if it’s too late for that)

woman with a bison friese and corgi, vacuuming the white dog on her lap

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

dog sneezing among flowers

Seasonal allergies can happen to your pet, too. They might just look a little different to yours

A woman brushes a cat's hair.

Break the cycle before it gets worse... trust us

dog running through a field of yellow flowers jumping up at their pet parent

There’s no need to worry, if you know what to look out for

Woman holding her Corgi dog in her hands and lifting his feet.

That familiar corn chip aroma may simply seem quirky, but don’t ignore it

Brown terrier dog scratching its ear outdoors

A vet explains why environmental allergies flare up and what to do about it

Healing stone on Cavalier spaniel dog.

Your pet can benefit from your self-care practices, from supplements to acupuncture

vet smiling at dog

As a vet working in emergency practice, I often see cases where these bills could be reduced or avoided altogether

A woman laughing while sitting on a bench with her dog.

Your dog can’t tell you if they don’t feel well, but the cutting edge AI behind this health tracker can

Gray and white striped cat is scratching his ear

Everything you need to know about cat allergies, according to three veterinary dermatologists

Close up photo of Corgi dog staring up at a flying bee

From how to get the stinger out at home to when it’s time to go to the vet

Mixed-breed puppy licks its paw in the grass

Unfortunately, we're talking about a ‘summer sore’, not a trendy east London nightclub

Fluffy brown and white puppy dog scratching a lot with its paw

How you can help them feel better – fast

Siamese cat in the middle of sneeze

Kitty sneezes can be alarming, but they’re not always cause for concern

Cute weimaraner dog lying on lawn and scratching its back

Here’s what works (and what doesn’t)

Cat napping on a yellow couch against a yellow background

Pimples and spots can be unsightly and painful – here’s how to treat your cat’s acne

Pug dog scooting on a wooden floor in the kitchenFunny dog enjoying scratching his bum on grass at public dog park.

A vet on what to do when ‘anal sacs go bad’

Black puppy itches behind her ear due to flea allergy

Before you say “ew David” Moira Rose-style, learn these steps to prevent and remove fleas

cat hair loss

Don’t start shopping for cat wigs yet. But if your Persian is looking more like a Sphynx, underlying health conditions could be to blame for your cat’s hair loss

Portrait of siberian cat with green eyes by the window.

How to prevent an ear infection (and treat one if it’s too late)

Winterizing your dog's coat - Dog laying in the snow.

Spoiler: the ingredients are probably already in your cupboard

a Chihuahua dog licking their paw

Their toes might smell like Monster Munch, but there’s no way they taste that good

Woman checking small Chihuahua for ear mites

Everything you need to know to keep the pests at bay