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Pet grooming? Not always glamorous. Get DIY nail-clipping tutorials, bath-time tricks, and celeb groomer tips to keep your pet looking (and feeling) good.

Golden retriever lying in grass with red eyes

Pet parents are being urged to keep their pets indoors during peak pollen times “until September”

Photo of small terrier dog outside int he sun with mouth open, teeth and tongue visible

A new study finds that small dog breeds are at higher risk for dental disease

woman with a bison friese and corgi, vacuuming the white dog on her lap

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

a woman with curly hair smiles down at her daschund

We got our paws on a calculator and did the research so you don’t have to

a groomer with french plaits cuts the nails of a very fluffy dog

Vets, groomers and cleaning experts weigh in on how to manage when you’re drowning in dog fur

Long haired blonde lhasa apso dog at crufts 2024

We can only dream of having hair as good as these pups

A cat walking by a little box

I introduced my cat to an automatic litter box, and lets just say it went off with... multiple hitches

dog with greying muzzle on sofa with person

And why stress could be to blame

Woman carefully cleaning a dog in a bathtub.

Spa days can happen at home

Healing stone on Cavalier spaniel dog.

Your pet can benefit from your self-care practices, from supplements to acupuncture

A woman trimming a dog's nails

Five simple steps for trimming your dog’s nails at home

We asked a behaviourist if this content creator’s approach to cutting his kitten’s nails is something you can try at home

brown cat in grass

What to do when your cat hawks one up

A person giving a dog a bath in a bathtub.

Groomer Robyn Michaels explains how to keep your pup well-groomed

Dog laying his head on owners lap while owner holds his ears.

Veterinarian Dr Shea Cox on how to assess your dog’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth

A wheaten terrier getting a haircut to remove the hair from over his eyes

Tools to keep your pet looking so fresh and so clean, from bamboo hair brushes to biodegradable wipes


Professional dog groomer Jess Rona’s puppy grooming tips

white and brown cat being brushed

Give them the day off from self-grooming

Hungary shepherd dog with hair covering its eyes

Hint: they can’t see

A afghan hound standing in the woods with long silky hair.

And yes, gen Z dogs can still rock side parts

cat wrapped in towel after bath

How to bathe a cat, step by step

greyhound dog being washed in tub

Keep your dog well-groomed but trust trims to the pros

Cat enjoying laying on girl's legs and being cuddled

Expert tips and the best tools for getting the job done without a scratch

Pug dog scooting on a wooden floor in the kitchenFunny dog enjoying scratching his bum on grass at public dog park.

A vet on what to do when ‘anal sacs go bad’

Smiling woman wiping ears of dog

Heed all those cautionary tales about cotton buds

cat hair loss

Don’t start shopping for cat wigs yet. But if your Persian is looking more like a Sphynx, underlying health conditions could be to blame for your cat’s hair loss

Portrait of siberian cat with green eyes by the window.

How to prevent an ear infection (and treat one if it’s too late)