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vitamins & supplements

Get the lowdown on Omega-3s, superfoods, and other pet vitamins and supplements that help with immunity, joint support, and other issues.

Grey cat at looking up from eating on floor at home

The mind-gut connection isn’t just for people. Your dog or cat’s gut microbiome plays a big role in their health and well-being

A dog sniffing a mushroom out of a hand.

Mushrooms are great immune-boosters

Cat eating out of a red bowl

Get ready for a sigh of relief – this food doesn’t have to be pricey

black and white Corgi puppy eating out of a yellow dog bowl

It turns out the saying ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t just for humans

Woman giving her white cat a vitamin.

Time to take kitty on a Holland & Barrett spree? Maybe

woman getting celery out of the fridge while dog looks up expectantly

Yes, celery is one of the green veggies you can share with your dog – but with some precautions

A cat licking yogurt from a spoon.

Is your cat’s microbiome out of whack? It may be time to add probiotics to their diet

Happy golden retriever dog on a walk with owner in woodsy yellow and orange fall setting with leaves on the dirt trail.

DIY ways to help your pup cope with joint pain

Dog biting into a bunch of carrots

Your pup needs their greens, too

Pomeranian stands in front of a yellow bowl of homemade probiotic yogurt

Time for a (literal) gut check from four experts

Woman holding frisbee and running on beach with Jack Russell Terrier.

You may have heard other pup parents praising this supplement. Here’s what a vet has to say

Dog Sitting In A Field

From chia to pumpkin, seeds pack a major nutritional punch

Cheerful Brunette Having Fun With Her Dog Outside

Fatty acids rev up your dog’s energy, keep their coat shiny, help with inflammation from allergies and arthritis, and so much more