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Emergencies & First Aid

Learn who to call for pet emergencies, how to know when a pet injury is an emergency, and other emergency care advice to help in a pinch.

Uncomfortable looking gray cat sitting on a window sill

Here are six good reasons to haul tail to A&E

Confused dog lying in a field a green

The charity has seen an influx of marijuana poisoning cases in recent years

A cat sitting in a tall grassy area.

Two vets’ pro tips for preventing your cat from picking up ticks (and how to remove them if it’s too late for that)

a woman with curly hair smiles down at her daschund

We got our paws on a calculator and did the research so you don’t have to

a woman hugging her cat with blonde hair

Not sure if you can afford to bankroll a new cat for the rest of its life? Check out our comprehensive guide for all the costs involved

Blinking white and tan cat looks at the camera

Two veterinarians explain how to properly administer cat eye medication

A small white and brown dog stands in a veterinary clinic with a red bandage on his front leg.

Poorly pets often need blood transfusions – here’s how you and your pet can help

Woman with her dog relaxing in living room.

Look out for these warnings signs so you know when to call the vet

woman with black curly hair sleeping in bed with her long hair daschund

Is there anything better than snuggling up to your pup all night? Here’s how to do it safely

Young modern woman with tattoos and orange hair sitting cross-legged on her bed with her cat

Cats can be hard to read. Especially when they’re sick. Or… not sick? We asked a veterinarian how to tell

Labrador sitting in the grass coughing

Whether it’s socks, stones or an affair partner’s underpants (true story), a vet weighs in on how what to do when your dog swallows something that wasn’t on the menu

Man with glasses on the phone with dog on his lap

So Fido has been in your chocolate stash... heres what to do

Cat eating out of metal bowl

Sharing isn’t always caring. Keep your cat safe by keeping these human snack staples to yourself

Siamese cat coughing

You thought it was a hairball, but nothing’s coming up

corgi puppy hiding under table afraid

The emotional road to recovery can be a long one. Heres what you can do

vet smiling at dog

As a vet working in emergency practice, I often see cases where these bills could be reduced or avoided altogether

black and white dog looking ill laying on couch

Trust me, I’m a vet

Close up photo of Corgi dog staring up at a flying bee

From how to get the stinger out at home to when it’s time to go to the vet

grey and white cat with tongue sticking out

Here’s when you should worry if your cat is throwing up

bandaging dog's bleeding paw

Don’t freak out. Emergency room veterinarian Dr Shea Cox will walk you through what to do

A dog laying on the floor

The goo in that green-and-orange bottle can cause serious harm – get your dog to the vet ASAP

A dog sneezing near a blossoming tree.

And what can I (or should I) do when my dog keeps sneezing?

kitten lying on the floor breathing through his mouth

“Cats don’t pant to cool off like dogs do.” Unless your pet is catching their breath after doing the zoomies, Dr Gary Weitzman says panting could be cause for concern

shy dog frightened in the arms of the owner. this brown mixed-breed hound puppy has a sweet gaze. the female owner has a wool sweater

A vet explains why the weather isn’t always to blame

Red-haired woman holding sleeping dog in her lap on the bed

And how to help them feel better fast

White-and-brown cat sitting on a side table by a lamp with their mouth open, gagging

It’s not always an emergency – but it could be

An orange cat holding its paw up

When it’s no big deal and when you should worry