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food, treats & feeders

Keep your pet’s belly full with nutritionist-recommended foods and treats. Plus, stylish bowls and feeders.

A cat eating wet food from a dish in the kitchen.

Tips for improving your cat’s appetite with these tasty add-ons

Cat eating out of a red bowl

Get ready for a sigh of relief – this food doesn’t have to be pricey

A yellow tiled room with platforms that have dog and cat beds on them. In the foreground is a dog with a yellow fabric bone in their mouth and in the background a cat is climbing on a platform.

Swedish meatballs: optional

German Shepherd with Bunny ears and Easter products around

How to include your pup in the Easter celebrations (no chocolate allowed)

grey cat lying on bed surrounded by easter eggs

Why should humans have all the Easter fun? This year there’s more choice of treats for your cat than ever

Two women walking several dogs in Copenhagen with colourful leads and accessories.

Run, don’t walk to get your hands on this delightful collab

collage by the wildest creative team

No dog can resist a ‘Pawlity Street‘ squeaker toy

Young blonde woman with a Jack Russell puppy during spring in the city.

A behaviourist reveals the most mouth-watering treats for training your pup

Woman holding her black and white cat.

Here are all the new cat essentials you need, recommended by real pet parents

Dog looking for treats in an interactive dog puzzle toy

Let the games begin

Puppy looks up while sitting next to a puzzle toy with food.

Eating fast is more than just unsightly – it’s potentially dangerous

White and brown cat on deep purple background next to yellow modern cat bowl

Whisker-friendly dishes, modern elevated feeders, hand-painted porcelain and more

Golden retriever dog walking towards dog bowls on the floor

From handmade ceramics to heavy-duty stainless steel, these are the best bowls for fine-dining dogs

white cat having dry food added to its feeder

Go ahead, make your morning routine a little easier

Dog standing next to dog food spilling out of a container

Because your dog is plotting how to break into their stash

collage of person and pet products

Your foster dog needs love – but they also need stuff

dog biting bubbles

You may think they smell disgusting, but your dog will love them

Cheerful Brunette Having Fun With Her Dog Outside

Fatty acids rev up your dog’s energy, keep their coat shiny, help with inflammation from allergies and arthritis, and so much more