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Keep your pet occupied for hours with our top picks, from cult-favourite toys to interactive puzzles.

A woman sitting on her patio with her Irish Setter dog on the grass in front of her.

Green fingers at the ready...

Rare Beauty is Leapingbunnyprogram certified! We’re celebrating the news with Rare Beauty dog toys, a daily reminder that your four-legged friend is as rare as you are.

Rare Beauty mascara-shaped plushie, anyone?

A yellow tiled room with platforms that have dog and cat beds on them. In the foreground is a dog with a yellow fabric bone in their mouth and in the background a cat is climbing on a platform.

Swedish meatballs: optional

German Shepherd with Bunny ears and Easter products around

How to include your pup in the Easter celebrations (no chocolate allowed)

A small dog wearing a pink and teal bow-tie sits on a peach blanket.

Because your pup deserves a seasonal wardrobe, too

Two women walking several dogs in Copenhagen with colourful leads and accessories.

Run, don’t walk to get your hands on this delightful collab

dog collage: Dachshund wearing heart shaped sunglasses, Lay Lo dog bed, red harness, heart shaped tag, a heart bandana, "lover not a biter" patch

Plushie champagne bottles, heart-printed sweaters and tasty treats to show your dog just how much you love them

A dog sitting on a couch with a sudoku game on the floor.

They’re only one step away from world domination

collage by the wildest creative team

No dog can resist a ‘Pawlity Street‘ squeaker toy

dog with maxbone sweater, whistle limited edition tool, interactive dog toys, mr. dog bowls, and rope toys

From smart toys to spa treatments, here are a few ideas that will really spoil your furry companion

Black puppy chews on a frozen Kong treat

Two words: endless entertainment

A bearded man in a gray sweater and yellow pants sitting on the floor and holding a Groov Training Aid in "lilac" from Diggs Pet, which is like a grooved plastic popsicle with treats smeared in, while his Husky dog licks it

The toys that’ll help your pup chill out after a long day of being a dog

Dog chewing spiked orange toy at home

Don’t hit pause on your pet’s playtime – these solo activities will help 9–5 fly by for them

Dog looking for treats in an interactive dog puzzle toy

Let the games begin

Puppy playing with KONG toy

Technically, you can live without this stuff, but we don’t recommend it

Mini shepherd laying on ground licking pupsicle toy

Woof’s innovative fillable design will help dogs de-stress – and save you money

Bullmastiff puppy chewing on a purple ring chew toy

Veterinary behaviourist Dr Valli Parthasarathy recommends the most durable dog toys for destructive players

tiktok pet products

When the algorithm knows you’re a sucker for dog and cat supplies

Golden Labrador dog laying on its back on the floor with a colorful rope toy in its mouth

Two experts on the pros and cons of the classic canine toy

Woman and white dog playing with puzzle.

These puzzle toys are made to help you bond with your pup

A close up shot of a dog biting on a tug of war dog toy outside in a grassy lawn.

It doesn’t have to be a battle

collage of person and pet products

Your foster dog needs love – but they also need stuff

Small grey dog lays on beige dog bed.

For those who love a beige moment