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Inject Some Scandi Style Into Your Pets’ Lives With IKEA’s New Pet Collection

Swedish meatballs: optional

by Ro Elfberg
22 March 2024
A yellow tiled room with platforms that have dog and cat beds on them. In the foreground is a dog with a yellow fabric bone in their mouth and in the background a cat is climbing on a platform.
Courtesy of IKEA

As if we needed any more excuses for a weekend wander around IKEA, the brand is set to launch a new pet collection at the start of April. UTSÅDD, which will feature 29 products, aims to bring more joy, vibrancy and playfulness into our homes and, more importantly, into the lives of our furry friends. Developed with the input of dogs and cats (naturally) and a panel of vets and pet product experts, the collection is based on research on the daily life, behaviours and preferences of our pets.

The collection focuses around the four most important areas of our pets’ lives: eat, sleep, play and hide. Think cosy rattan cubbies and the cutest little fabric tent for cats, colourful ceramic food bowls, and soft blankets and beds in a range of fabrics.

A cat lying in blue cubby hole housed within a shelving unit.

Our favourite? The Allen key-inspired dog toy, so you can experience traumatic flashbacks of arguing over flatpack furniture with your partner. All the toys, which are made from natural rubber and fabric, were carefully designed to be durable and robust, yet gentle on teeth and gums. In fact, IKEA put a lot of care into prioritising the safety of our pets while designing the collection, including input from vets and pet product experts, and as Julia Rosenberg, IKEA’s product design developer explains, ”Our protocols include periodic chemical, mechanical and physical safety tests on all UTSÅDD products.”

A Spaniel drinking from a white ceramic bowl with blue stripes.

And of course, because it’s IKEA, there are also products that will tie in perfectly with some of your existing IKEA furniture: the LURVIG range – which was IKEA’s first pet furniture line launched in 2017 – has been upgraded and “blends nicely into the KALLAX shelving unit”.

The UTSÅDD collection will be available in selected markets starting April 2024. See you at the tills?

Ro Elfberg

Ro is The Wildest’s Senior Editor. She has previously written and copy-edited for British Vogue, Glamour and DICE. When she’s not being manipulated into dishing out Dreamies to Kobe the cat, she spends her free time trying to convince her snake, Butters, to wear a tiny hat.

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