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Taylor Swift-Inspired Pet Names (From Every Era)

In celebration of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, we unleash the best Taylor Swift-inspired pet names for all the Swifties out there

by Orla Pentelow
18 April 2024
Taylor Swift holding two small kittens in each hand and smiling down at them
Taylor Swift via Instagram

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know by now that Taylor Swift not only released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, on Friday 19 April but also, to the joy of Swifties globally, revealed that it was a surprise double album. 

As most Swifties will know, Taylor is not just the queen of pop, she’s a master of pet-naming prowess. From films to top TV shows, she’s all about giving her four-legged family members names that hit the high notes of pop culture. So take a leaf out of her book and choose from Taylor Swift-inspired cat and dog names for your new pet. 

Taylor doesn’t mess around when it comes to her cats; Olivia Benson (named after Law and Order: SVU detective), Meredith Grey (after the lead in Grey’s Anatomy) and Benjamin Button (named after the title character in F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel) are such a huge part of her brand that the superstar even released a line of merchandise dedicated to them back in 2018. But dog lovers don’t despair, there are plenty of Taylor Swift-inspired pet names for you, too. 

We’ve already had a few mentions of dogs in the newest album, notably in the title of ‘The Black Dog’ in reference to feelings of depression and sadness (in old English literature and folklore – see what I did there? – a black dog was a hellhound that was an omen of death), and also a real-life pub in south London, as referenced in the lyrics “I watch as you walk into some bar called The Black Dog”.

Whether you’re teaching your pup to Speak Now or hoping they don’t ‘Shake It Off’ after rolling in mud, you can still get involved. So, buckle up, because we’re about to unleash the ultimate guide to the best pet names (Taylor’s Version, of course).

Taylor Swift-inspired cat names


Make like Mariska Hartigay (who returned the gesture of Taylor naming her cat after the actor’s Law and Order: SVU character) and pick the song ‘Karma’ for your kitty. After all, “Karma is a cat”.


Let’s be honest. Only a cat could really be named Diamond. They have just the right level of demure sass that warrants the sparkling name from ‘Bejeweled’.


Going for the obvious here, but obvious doesn’t have to be boring. And you don’t have to have a black cat to name them Midnight, either. Channel Taylor and throw non-fans off with your very own Easter egg, and name your kitty after the album, instead. 


A dignified name such as Achilles is appropriate only for the most distinguished of cats: Lord Achilles Meowington III. Who am I kidding? All cats are distinguished. And all could borrow the name from ‘State of Grace’ on Red


Another dignified name for the Lord or Lady of the house. If you feel like your cat is forever in their Reputation era, Gatsby is the one for you. (Let’s just hope they don’t go “rattling the chandelier” anytime soon). 


We all know how Fearless cats can be at the best of times, so give your cat a lawless name from both Taylor’s second studio album and folklore. Eye patch optional. 


Because they’re… wait for it… outta this world (sorry not sorry). Also from the folklore song ‘seven’. Either way, it’s a pretty cool moniker for cats and you’ll love them “to the moon and to Saturn” anyway. 


For a cat with a vibrant and ever-changing personality (just like Taylor and her Eras), who also makes you feel a bit dizzy with their climbing. Plus, how cute is the nickname Kali?


Just in case any cats have learnt to read, this is the third time I’m saying this: cats deserve the best. And a dignified name such as Champagne is only appropriate for the most distinguished of pets. Just hope they don’t cause you any “problems”.


Make like David and Victoria Beckham and name your ‘fur babies’ after a place that means something to you. Ie, the state to which Taylor moved when she was 14 to kick-start her career. Oh, and also her self-reference in ‘London Boy’: “like a Tennessee Stella McCartney on the Heath”. (Nicknames include: Nessy and Cc). 

Taylor Swift-inspired dog names


Yee-haw Swifties. Hopefully your pup won’t be a “bandit like me”, but they can certainly have a unique name with a reference to the evermore song ‘cowboy like me’.


If you’re an evermore or folklore fan, the name ‘Willow’ will be right up your street. Ideal for a pup with a graceful and elegant demeanour (see also: Ivy). 


Lucky might already be a popular name for dogs, but that doesn't mean there isn’t a double meaning for the Swiftie pup parents out there. After all, you’ll be ‘The Lucky One’ to have your pupper, and they’ll be lucky to be named after such a hit from Red


We’ve all seen the “fast AF boi” sound and videos being stitched with speedy pups with the zoomies on social media, so why not name your dog after their favourite speed mode and Taylor Swift’s dance moves: “I’m lightning on my feet”.


But you just said that champagne is only for dignified kitties? Yes, I know, I did. However, hear me out. Pups deserve some sparkle, too, and the kicker for me is the nickname: Champ. 


Hot of the press, ‘The Bolter’ is fresh from the extended The Tortured Poets Department and is pretty apt for any speedy pups, especially when they have the zoomies. Hopefully they won’t be doing any “escaping”, when they’re “off to the races”.


There’s something about giving a dog a human name that just brings me joy. Sure there is the reference to the original American bandit Clyde Chestnut “Champion” Barrow, but for Swifties there’s the double meaning of being mentioned in ‘Getaway Car’. Double trouble in the house? Bring Bonnie into the mix, too. 


Now this is a niche name; I’ve even impressed myself here. Apollo was largely recognised as the Greek god of archery as well as god of the sun, light, music and prophecy, in reference to the Lover hit ‘The Archer’.


For your one true Lover. Only OG fans will remember the hold ‘Love Story’ had on a millennial teenager. Bring back the nostalgia and name your pup after the Shakespearean character (and star of one of the best love songs, imho). 


Has your pup destroyed toys or furniture yet? Perhaps they’ve earnt themselves the Rebel moniker. From the Speak Now hit ‘Mine’, the name also has a very sweet lyric reference: “you are the best thing that's ever been mine” (cue: tears).

Orla Pentelow

Orla Pentelow is a freelance journalist and copywriter based in London. When not at her desk she’s out and about with her rescue dog, Luna, who works primarily as chief distractor.

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