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Keep your pet occupied for hours with our top picks, from cult-favourite toys to interactive puzzles.

A yellow tiled room with platforms that have dog and cat beds on them. In the foreground is a dog with a yellow fabric bone in their mouth and in the background a cat is climbing on a platform.

Swedish meatballs: optional

Black cat staring at a cat toy

Cat behaviourist Cristin Tamburo’s got a game plan

Woman holding her black and white cat.

Here are all the new cat essentials you need, recommended by real pet parents

Bengal cat running on indoor wheel

Stoke your little lion’s hunting instinct with these electronic cat toys

Three cat puzzles on a colorful pink, burgundy, and green color-block background

Genius takes many forms. Could your cat be one?

Cat wearing a party hat against a blue backdrop

For their birthday or adoption anniversary or… do you need a reason?

tiktok pet products

When the algorithm knows you’re a sucker for dog and cat supplies

A fluffy Siamese cat sitting on the wooden floor playing with a the Snake Cat Toy from Boba and Vespa next to a striped Calathea plant

The cat kicker toys that will keep your cat booked and busy (and kicking like they’re Beth Mead)

Small grey dog lays on beige dog bed.

For those who love a beige moment

White and tan cat playing with a taco toy

From burritos to baguettes, these catnip-stuffed toys may curb your cat’s munchies

cat with interactive carrot puzzle toy

Finally, something engaging to distract them from real food