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The best dog beds, cat trees, and other creature comforts our pets can curl up in (maybe not the litter tray).

white cat with black head coming through a cat flap

Got an outdoor cat but a landlord who won’t let you knock a hole through the wall? Rude. Here are your options

A yellow tiled room with platforms that have dog and cat beds on them. In the foreground is a dog with a yellow fabric bone in their mouth and in the background a cat is climbing on a platform.

Swedish meatballs: optional

cat lying on cushion

Because your cat deserves to be cosy, too

Woman holding her black and white cat.

Here are all the new cat essentials you need, recommended by real pet parents

Blue white British shorthair cat resting on a hammock

Your cat wants be up high. Give them a cosy nook to sleep in with these relaxing hammocks

cat in a follow tv

Mid-century modern coffee table or litter box? Industrial bookcase or cat tower? If you can’t tell, that’s kind of the point

Cat laying inside a cat tree

Stylish cat trees for every home and personality, from cartoon flowers to modernist towers

a cat peeks out of a litter box lid

Think like a cat when choosing a litter box... so you can go back to not thinking about litter boxes

Small grey dog lays on beige dog bed.

For those who love a beige moment