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products for pet people

Everything pet parents need (pet hair vacuums, air purifiers) and want (dog ceramics, cat slippers).

Woman holding her black and white cat.

Calling all cat lovers...

Finally, the secrets to my cat’s outdoor life have been unlocked

A Young Woman Rests in the Grass With Pet Poodle Dog.

From sustainability to training, here’s what the new year promises to bring to the pet world

person holding a cat surrounded by a cat shaped candle, cat portrait double tiered plate, and maroon cat bed

Because there’s nothing they love more than displaying their admiration for all things feline

"Claws Monet" print by Niaski of a black cut swimming in a pond with water lilies in the style of Claude Monet's Water Lilies

From Salvador Catli to Frida Catlo and Clawed Monet, illustrator Nia Gould creates whimsical products for pets and their people

Uni The Teacup Poodle happily sitting in the Signature Carry All Tote by Maxbone under a tarp outside

The perfect tote for carrying your phone, keys, wallet – and dog – around town

Cat wearing a party hat against a blue backdrop

For their birthday or adoption anniversary or… do you need a reason?

Dusty Springfield sitting on the floor with a record player and a cat

Striking photographs and captivating anecdotes about LGBTQIA+ trailblazers and their feline friends, including Freddie Mercury and Dusty Springfield

A tan and white at in a white litter box placed beneath a white, rectangular Petkit Air Purifier affixed to the wall

The Petkit Pura Air uses an advanced filtration system to keep pet-friendly homes odourless

A woman and a dog laying on a bed of pet hair-resistant bedding.

Slashop has created fur-resistant bedding for cleaner sheets and sounder nights

Dog sitting on couch looking into the distance, Google nest cam in background

Their new favourite karaoke song? Somebody’s Watching Me’.