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gift guide

Dog ‘gotcha day? Cat dad birthday? Or just because? The Wildest crew (and some celebs) have picked out the coolest gifts for both pets and their people.

person holding a cat surrounded by a cat shaped candle, cat portrait double tiered plate, and maroon cat bed

Because there’s nothing they love more than displaying their admiration for all things feline

two cats wearing christmas jumpers with fairy lights

Because why should dogs have all the festive fun?

Five fun holiday ornaments of pets in various costumes hanging from Christmas tree boughs against a sparkly silver background

Your love for your pet is evergreen, so hang an ornament of their likeness on your Christmas tree this year

Numbered circles and assorted pet treats and toys for an advent calendar set on a periwinkle blue snowy background

Super-festive options for dogs and cats who deserve a daily Christmas treat