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health & grooming

Supplements, shampoos, toothpaste, litter – find everything you need to keep your pet feeling soft and shiny.

Summer safety is vital for cats

Green fingers at the ready

Maine coon cat using the litter box.

Spoiler alert: it’s not an ingredient for your next vegan dish 

An orange cat walking on a yellow cat exercise wheel.

We delve into all things feline fitness to learn whether your cat should be shredding and shedding

A cat walking by a little box

I introduced my cat to an automatic litter box, and lets just say it went off with... multiple hitches

Healing stone on Cavalier spaniel dog.

Your pet can benefit from your self-care practices, from supplements to acupuncture

A woman laughing while sitting on a bench with her dog.

Your dog can’t tell you if they don’t feel well, but the cutting edge AI behind this health tracker can

A cat licking yogurt from a spoon.

Is your cat’s microbiome out of whack? It may be time to add probiotics to their diet

Cat with ginger medium length hair and green eyes

From health predispositions to breed history, Wisdom Panel’s genetic testing revealed my cat’s internal world

Cat stretching on blue bedding

Because when you interrupt that carefully planned daily routine, theres going to be one frazzled kitty to deal with

white and brown cat being brushed

Give them the day off from self-grooming

A white cat in a meadow with flowers and tall grass.

From collars to topicals to chews, here are the flea and tick preventatives we’re giving our cats this summer

Cat enjoying laying on girl's legs and being cuddled

Expert tips and the best tools for getting the job done without a scratch

Gray cat laying on a fuzzy pink blanket with a protective cone around its head and a blue diaper on

The top cat nappies to combat excitable urinators, leaking caused by incontinence and help those recovering from surgery

Keep your cats litter box out of sight – but easy to clean

tiktok pet products

When the algorithm knows you’re a sucker for dog and cat supplies

Two cats drinking from a KittySpring Combo water fountain on the floor

Fresh, flowing water will keep your pet hydrated, ward off UTIs and reduce water waste

Cat standing up in the back of a car

Everything you need to bring your cat home for Christmas, including calming products and a portable litter box

Package-free brushes, plant-based wipes, organic shampoos and more