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Petkit’s Air Purifier Transformed the Way My Home Smells

The Petkit Pura Air uses an advanced filtration system to keep pet-friendly homes odourless

by Tim Barribeau
31 October 2023
A tan and white at in a white litter box placed beneath a white, rectangular Petkit Air Purifier affixed to the wall
Courtesy of PetKit

I’ll admit it: I was initially sceptical of the Petkit Pura Air when it arrived at my door. How much could this little rectangle actually do to combat the smell of a litter box? As we all know, the stench of the litter box can be one of the worst smells imaginable, and is very much dependent upon its cleanliness. And yet despite its small size and limited ability to move air, the Petkit Pura Air has done a lot to improve my litter box situation – an impressive achievement for a £25 piece of battery-powered plastic.

The Petkit Pura Air is like a plug-in air freshener with pet-safe smells and a better sense of industrial design. Much like how an air freshener will put out a little spritz of fragrance when you walk past, the Pura Air has a motion sensor that detects when your pet walks by, then begins moving air through a scented filter. The scent itself isn’t overpoweringly perfume-y or cloying; instead, it serves as an upgrade to the expected litter box odours. Unlike an air freshener, the Pura Air uses a replaceable filter, ioniser and built-in fans to move air and improve the smell of your home.

The Pura Air attaches to a wall (or just about any surface) with included strips; it also has nail/screw mounting holes, if that better suits your home. Once the back plate of the Pura Air is wall mounted, the larger part can slide on or off the mount as needed – like when you need to replace the batteries or filters, which should be about every three months and four to six months, respectively.

In addition to being efficient, this gadget looks great. It’s a simple understated rectangle with a subtle logo and a few holes for airflow. On the top are lights that flash when you need to replace the filters and battery, and underneath is where the infrared filter and cartridge door live. It’s that sort of Apple-lite style of minimalism that’s inoffensive enough to fade into the background of any space.

What I would like to have seen was more information about what the filter’s scents contain. Essential oils can be particularly bad for cats, so knowing what ingredients are used in a product is important. However, Petkit assures its product’s safety, with the website stating that the filter is “an all-natural air freshener vent extracted from 20 plants that is non-toxic that also decomposes odour molecules... deriving from faecal matter or bad smells derived through urination”.

For such a small and affordable item, the Pura Air does an impressive job, and I’m hopeful it’ll help keep the air in my house fresh for months to come.

tim barribeau

Tim Barribeau

Tim Barribeau is a freelance writer, editor, cat dad, and “help your boyfriend buy a suit that actually fits for once” consultant. He was previously the Style and Pets editor at Wirecutter, and has bylines at a bunch of publications that don't exist anymore (and a couple that still do).

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