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Behind the Brand

Niaski is Where Art Fandom Meets Cat Obsession

From Salvador Catli to Frida Catlo and Clawed Monet, illustrator Nia Gould creates whimsical products for pets and their people

by Sio Hornbuckle
31 October 2023
"Claws Monet" print by Niaski of a black cut swimming in a pond with water lilies in the style of Claude Monet's Water Lilies
Courtesy of Niaski

If you’ve ever tried gift shopping for a cat parent, you’ve probably stumbled upon Nia Gould’s work and likely sighed with relief when you did. In a sea of often dull and indistinguishable cat-themed shops (‘cat mum’ mugs have their time and place, but we can do better, right?), Niaski, Gould’s online boutique, stands out from the crowd. Niaski offers products for the artistically inclined: sketchbooks, pencils, tape, prints, tote bags, gift wrap, and colourful cat collars. Gould’s three books, A History of Art in 21 Cats, A Day at The Gallery, and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat all reimagine the work of famous artists through a playful and feline-focused lens. Put simply: Niaski is where art obsession meets cat obsession. The results, from ‘Pablo Picatso’ collars to ‘Clawed Monet’ sketchbooks, are enchanting. We caught up with Gould to chat about the artists and cats who inspire her. 

Andy Warhol inspired cat print
a fluffy white cat looks up at a Picasso inspired cat print

How did Niaski get started? 

I started Niaski in 2015 after taking a screen printing course and getting the bug for making my own work to sell. I set up an Etsy shop and ran my business while working full-time as a graphic designer for six years until 2019, when I decided to go full-time self-employed.

Niaski is clearly the shop of a cat lover. Tell me about your own pets

Growing up I had one black cat, and he was with me for 16 years. He was very loyal and a real companion. It was after he passed that I knew I wanted to be surrounded by these furry friends forever. I have only ever adopted my cats from the Cat Protection League; it is important to me to rescue them. I have had six cats in total since my first, and all of them have been full of character. The cats I have now are my main inspiration for my business: Salavdor Catli is a very handsome black-and-white cat with a very Dalí-esque white moustache, Pablo Picatso is a grey fluffy and fiercely independent Maine Coon, and Frida Catlo is a petite black cat and my new studio companion – she is with me most days when I am working away.

Nia Gould at her work desk with her black cat
Klimt inspired cat print journal

How do your pets influence your illustrations and product concepts?

When I adopted Salvador, I had no business. I enrolled in a screen printing course and needed an illustration to take with me, so I looked over at the cat one evening and created a Salvador Catli and a Frida Catlo illustration. I took these images with me and started making tote bags; they were an instant hit and people in the class wanted to buy them there and then. This is really how it all started. I set up an Etsy shop and started creating more and more cat artist illustrations. It all started with tote bags and prints and just grew from there.

How did you develop your signature style?

I’m a graphic designer, so all my work started off with a very graphic and simplistic style, especially when creating the cat artist portrait illustrations. But as my business grew, so did the way I work. I mostly create all my work on the iPad now, creating illustrative twists on old masters featuring cats by hand. My cats play an important role, as I always try to take photos of them for reference in poses and character.

Matisse inspired cat print
a fluffy black and white cat wearing a Keith Haring inspired cat collar

Do you have any advice for aspiring independent creators? 

I manage everything from design, marketing, website, photography, stock-take, ordering and packing orders. When I write it down it seems like a lot, and even more so now I have a three-year-old little girl, too. But I think when you are doing something you love and you see it bringing not only yourself so much joy but others, too, you just keep pushing and keep going. I am very much a night owl, and I used to come home from work and then work all evening on Niaski to get it to a stage where it could become my full-time job. My advice is to just keep going, try out different ideas – some fail, some become successful – and go from there. It’s not an overnight thing, but it’s definitely an exciting journey to be on. 

Have you always gravitated towards drawing cats?

I do love drawing cats, but I also work freelance as a children’s illustrator and have been fortunate enough to create books featuring many varieties of animals. Animals are by far my favourite thing to draw – I love bringing so much character and life into them. I do always really enjoy bringing my two loves together; art history has been a big part of my life growing up, and I feel it’s so important to learn and study some of the greatest out there. Matisse is my favourite by far, and I would like to think I would have been part of the Fauvism (wild beasts) movement at that time.

a Botticelli inspired cat print calendar
a Seurat inspired cat print

What do you find most rewarding about Niaski? 

When you see an idea come into fruition. My enamel pins have been my biggest success and initially they were a very expensive outlay, but I committed to it and seeing it grow has been amazing.

What’s next? 

Rather excitingly for my business, I am about to move from my spare room in my home into an actual dream studio space. So there will lots of exciting things coming up, including new prints and new products – keep an eye out for cat artist catnip toys, too. 

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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