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12 Veterinarians You Should Follow on TikTok

TikTok has an ton of veterinarians giving expert (and entertaining) advice at no cost

by Megan Penney
31 October 2023
3 Screenshots side by side of cover photos for three different Veterinarians who post videos on Tik Tok.
Left to Right: @ravensinclair, @gaydogtor, @cat_the_vet / TikTok

The Internet is nothing if not a resource for free medical advice so it’s unsurprising that TikTok has proven to be a popular avenue for veterinary expertise. Whether you’re cash-strapped or merely confused about your pet’s health or behaviour, the platform is home to an abundance of veterinarians giving helpful tips and guidance at no cost. Below, you will find a rabbit hole of entertaining and educational content creators that’ll hopefully reduce the frequency at which you panic-call your primary vet. 

1. Dr Hunter Finn


@dr.hunterfinn String/floss/linear toys are not a cats friend without the right supervision #drfinn #veterinarian #cat #catsoftiktok #learning ♬ original sound - Hunter Finn

Many of you may already know Dr Hunter Finn, considering his popularity across socials. According to his website: “Dr Hunter Finn is a Texas-based Integrative Veterinary Expert helping strengthen the human and animal bond through health and fitness.” Even non-pet parents get a kick out of his informative and musical videos. I mean, who knew learning about your pup ‘scooting‘ could be such an entertaining experience?

2. Dr Raven Sinclaire


This page is a combination of Dr Raven’s veterinary and acting pursuits, and that just makes it all the better. If you scroll to older posts, you‘ll discover great stories like ‘Kangaroo Attack and other content like ‘Vet Word of the Day. She even has a full video of a dog’s neuter surgery. While TikTok surgeries might not be for everyone, for many of us, it is the content we not-so-secretly love to pop up on our feed.

3. Dr Sarah, DVM


Now, here is a side of TikTok you may not be familiar with: Queer VetTok. Dr Sarah describes themselves as “a gay dogtor who shares pet tips & normalises mental health struggles in the Veterinary industry.” Dr Sarah shares everything from funny client stories to nutrition to generally helpful veterinary information mixed in with comical storylines. This TikTok will teach you veterinary facts while also teaching you how not to be ‘that client.

4. Dr Greg Echols


If you like dancing and entertaining reenactments, you will love Dogter Echols. Here you will get dramatic snippets of daily life working in veterinary care – he shares the hilarious quandaries of his work in such a compelling way that you may not even realise you’re getting an education, too.

5. Dr Shannon


Doctor Shannon is a small, exotic and zoo animal veterinarian, which, as you can imagine, adds some variety to her stories. She self-describes as a young, sassy, tatted, opinionated Leo veterinarian, and has highly entertaining content with funny stories, useful tips for pet parents, and answers to followers questions about preventative care and emergencies. She also touches on women working in medicine in many of her posts and has no issue clapping back at the haters.

6. Cat the Vet


@cat_the_vet Pets that people think are cute but are not. Part 9. This one is heartbreaking. #learnontiktok #frenchbulldog #frenchiesoftiktok #catthevet ♬ Stories 2 - Danilo Stankovic

Dr Cat is based in the UK and leaves no stone unturned. Common topics include (but are not limited to) everything from predisposed health issues in certain breeds to what to buy your hamster for Christmas. She covers many types of pets, health concerns, and has a knack for telling it like it is.

7. Dr B (Bolu Eso)



I think he used the treats… “As a diversion”

♬ use this sound if your gay - 🗿

Dr B (Dr Bolu Eso) is all about the health and well-being of pets and their people. He describes himself as a “Doctor of vet med, contagious happiness, gains enthusiast, professional eater, and traveller.“ He went to vet school in Budapest but posts from all over the world and has done externships in the US, India, and the UK. On his TikTok, youll see some amazing content on pet allergies, food toxins for pets, cruciate ligament injuries, etc. As you scroll through, you will be immersed in numerous other veterinary posts mixed in with his travels, vet med, food and fitness.

8. Andrew Jones, DVM


@veterinarysecrets Dog with chronic cough can be Tracheal Collapse: Great Natural Remedy! #dogcough #cough #trachealcollapse #homeremedy ♬ Sunrise - Official Sound Studio

Are you a fan of natural remedies, but also want to know super-important and life-saving information? Dr Andrew Jones covers tons of common ailments seen in cats and dogs. From ringworm to cherry eye to chocolate toxicity, he will give you all of the information you need, plus suggest natural treatments when appropriate.

9. Ben the Vet


If you’re a fan of Cat the Vet, you should check out Ben the Vet. He covers similar topics like common genetic issues in certain breeds, pet-parenting tips, and animal fun facts. He’s honest, cares about his line of work, and shares his expertise in an enjoyable yet educational way.

10. Shawna Huston, DVM


Doctor Shawna Huston’s page is a very balanced one with a mix of medically focused posts and entertaining moments – featuring many cute animals of all ages and species, of course. On her page, you can find everything from a dog’s teeth being cleaned/scraped (which is weirdly cathartic) to stories about emergency situations that require an urgent vet visit, and everything in-between. You‘ll get answers to all your burning pet parent questions (and those you didn’t even know you had). If youre looking to learn a lot but also enjoy the laughs and ‘aww moments, this is the page for you.

11. Dr Adam Christman


Dr Christman has a lot of the content we live for: winter coats for our dogs, how to stop a dog’s reverse sneeze, cleaning hacks for pet parents, how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on dogs, etc. This page is pure education and we are here for that.

12. Dr Tom (Thomas Hamilton)


This page is another incredibly popular one that you might have already heard of. Dr Tom offers great veterinary tips and information, like sticking a treat to a wall while administering a rabies vaccine. This page also provides prime puppy and kitten content while teaching its viewers how to trim their pet’s nails. I know vets don’t just play with baby animals all day, but I swear he has some of the cutest clients I’ve ever seen.

While this is a great starter list for all of you #vetmed fans out there, this is not at all exhaustive. Veterinarians also have many different experiences and views, so when in doubt, please consult your own veterinarian. These accounts are not meant to replace your personal vet, but are just to add some much-needed entertainment to your life while also making you a more educated pet parent. The views of these vets do not always reflect the views of the author or The Wildest, and were chosen for their ability to entertain, engage, and educate their followers.

Author Megan Penney and her two dogs

Megan Penney

Megan Penney is a devoted dog mom to Zoey and Mellie, and has fostered over 200 other dogs. While she worked in pet care during graduate school, she now works full time as a non-profit professional and fulfills her passion for pups on the side by volunteering, fostering, and helping others learn about fostering and adopting. 

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