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life with pets

Let’s talk about both the little things and big moments in life with pets. Like exercise routines, pet-sitter checklists, pet-safe plants… and how much it all costs.

Woman with ginger hair at a table with her laptop and her white dog on her lap

There’s nothing dog parents love talking about more than their pups, so why not tell the world about them?

It’s not all cuddling cute puppies and kittens…

Shepherd dog playing with yellow ball at the beach

Check the rules before heading out…

picture of large xl bully dog chewing an orange ball

A total of £76,500 has been paid out so far

White cat on their back with paw in the air, lying on an Ikea blanket

No pets were asked to construct IKEA flat-pack furniture with their significant other in the making of these images

A man with long grey hair and a grey beard posing next to his small grey and white-haired dog who looks very similar.

Think you’ve got the funniest photo of your pet? These finalists might put you to shame...

Could this be the ultimate way to show your love for your pet?

a man smiles at a fluffy white dog in a pet food store

Plus, how to donate to pet food banks to help other pet parents in need

A woman sitting on her patio with her Irish Setter dog on the grass in front of her.

Green fingers at the ready...

A woman wearing colorful activewear running on the beach with her dog.

Helpful tips on staying in shape with your dog

A woman with glasses holds out a whippet to a boy with pink hair and glasses

It should be a last resort, and there are plenty of options to explore first, but here’s how to surrender your pet safely if you have to

Valentin Pujadas illustration

This Mental Health Awareness Week, experts share the science-backed ways our pets offer us emotional support

a picture of an Alaskan Malamute with its paws up on a cage door

They might be bigger, but that just means there’s more of them to love

Two women and an Australian Shepherd dog sat a picnic table with coffee cups, orange juice and pastries.

From Potato to Pickle, we round up the best names for your pets

picture of pit bull with cropped ears and bandages

There's no good reason to ever do this to your dog

A couple sitting on the sofa with their dog watching TV with a table of drinks, burgers and fries in front of them.

From Eastenders to Bridgerton, we round up the best names for your pets

illustration of multi-colored dogs

It’s important to remember that dogs are individuals, so training isn’t one-size-fits-all

A cute brown dog laying on a cushion looking sad or tired.

Blue is a good name for a dog – not a good mood

woman with a bison friese and corgi, vacuuming the white dog on her lap

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Newfoundland dog in the arms its owner

How to get that insurance premium down (without sacrificing your pup’s health)

A kitten and a puppy laying on the floor looking at each other.

There might be a language barrier, but these two animals can still become best buds

Young woman sitting with her pet dog and using laptop at home.
a woman with curly hair smiles down at her daschund

We got our paws on a calculator and did the research so you don’t have to

Taylor Swift holding two small kittens in each hand and smiling down at them

In celebration of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, we unleash the best Taylor Swift-inspired pet names for all the Swifties out there

woman plays with a dog with pound notes in the background

Yes, our dog’s favourite chew is a bar made out of the milk from Himalayan oxen that costs four times the price of a Mars bar

A couple holding hands walk on a UK beach with their dog.

Is your dog’s job ‘just beach’?

Portrait of six pure-bred Husky puppies sitting side by side on a table while their breeder tried to arrange them for a photo in the background

Look out for untrustworthy breeders – and report them