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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (eg your ex). And get more tips on the people stuff.

Husky on tarmac in warm weather

How to keep your dog safe, happy and active all summer long

Person walking dog on lead

Ways to keep your dog safe that you’ve never thought of 

picture of trent alexander-arnold holding a french bulldog and smiling

It's coming home, but who are the pups the players are going home to?

Black Labrador with an employee lanyard

The dynamic duo have already made a paws-itive impact

Labrador outside polling station in the sun

Number one concern? The cheese tax

Life is sweet for the pups of these pet parents...

person hugging their dog on a sofa

The death of a pet is a heartbreaking time. A new poll shows Brits would like their workplaces to recognise that

woman hugging a Dalmatian

Those spots aren’t just for show...

Dog in a car seat being strapped into the seat belt by their harness

Including how to stop them jumping out the window whilst you’re driving...

Woman with ginger hair at a table with her laptop and her white dog on her lap

There’s nothing dog parents love talking about more than their pups, so why not tell the world about them?

It’s not all cuddling cute puppies and kittens…

Golden retriever lying in grass with red eyes

Pet parents are being urged to keep their pets indoors during peak pollen times “until September”

Could this be the ultimate way to show your love for your pet?

Valentin Pujadas illustration

This Mental Health Awareness Week, experts share the science-backed ways our pets offer us emotional support

Human and golden retriever greeted by captain at the stairs of a private jet with BarkAir logo

On these flights, dogs come first and humans second

Newfoundland dog in the arms its owner

How to get that insurance premium down (without sacrificing your pup’s health)

Two vets sit on the pavement in the background with an old Staffie dog in the foreground.

Meet the charity that helps protect the animal-human bond

Taylor Swift holding two small kittens in each hand and smiling down at them

In celebration of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, we unleash the best Taylor Swift-inspired pet names for all the Swifties out there

Brown, half breed dog sitting on a chair next to his owner, a blonde stylish woman wearing a brown smart suit.

Researchers say dogs actually have a pretty good sense of what we’re thinking

Man walking his dog on a pavement

We delve into the age-old debate

woman on the bus with her dog on the chair

An awkward reality for many of us

man with ginger hair and beard, wearing a blue T-shirt lying down and looking at his black dog in his arms

Everything you need to know about how pet insurance works in the UK

dog running through a field of yellow flowers jumping up at their pet parent

There’s no need to worry, if you know what to look out for

Woman with brown hair on hand and knees with yellow cleaning gloves on, cleaning the floor whilst a black Labrador watches on

Because we have to look after the four-legged family members, too

aries collage

Or the diva cat energy. Either applies this month

A man with a face tattoo, a man with a beard and a woman with face tattoos hug black labrador puppies

People with distinctive features step forwards, you’re needed to train the next generation of seeing eye dogs. Here’s what’s involved...

Dog lying on grass with a child standing next to them holding an easter basket filled with eggs.

Want to include your four-legged family member in the seasonal fun? Of course you do