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From pet travel tips to pet-friendly city guides, we’ve got all your flying, hiking, and biking needs covered.

Dog running on the beach

Think a holiday with your nervous pup is off-limits? You just need to make a few adjustments. Here’s how to have a dreamy trip that you and your anxious dog can enjoy

Dog in a car seat being strapped into the seat belt by their harness

Including how to stop them jumping out the window whilst you’re driving...

Human and golden retriever greeted by captain at the stairs of a private jet with BarkAir logo

On these flights, dogs come first and humans second

woman on the bus with her dog on the chair

An awkward reality for many of us

girl in a yellow top and baseball cap hugs a big fluffy white dog on a beach

You’ve chosen to adopt a dog, congratulations! But with dogs in need both here and abroad, which route should you take?

a woman and a man sit in an empty home surrounded by boxes with a dog

Moving house is stressful at the best of times, but what happens if you want to move abroad with your dog? We consulted some experts to find out

A Young Woman Rests in the Grass With Pet Poodle Dog.

From sustainability to training, here’s what the new year promises to bring to the pet world

Heading home for Christmas? Heres how to help your pup (and you) survive that stressful train journey

Dog seat-belted in a car

All the essentials you need to hit the road with your copilot, from pet seatbelts to dog goggles

Dog sitting in a newly unpacked living room with moving boxes around

Your dog hates moving, too. This dog trainer’s tips will make it easier on everyone

A woman standing next to a suitcase with a dog carrier on top while holding her dog.

Whether you’re driving across the UK or flying internationally, your pup can comfortably tag along

Jack Russell dog in backseat of s car wearing a safety harness and seat belt

Hitting the road with your dog? Make sure theyre safe with this helpful advice