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Easy TikTok Pet Crafts To DIY Your Way To Your Pet’s Heart

Make your own toys, beds, snuffle mats and more and save yourself a bunch of money in the long run

by Jess Commons
19 January 2024
yavdat / iStock

It’s no secret that TikTok has made us all a little craftier. Whether it was the great crochet craze of 2020 or the post-pandemic pottery rush, offline hobbies have found themselves a new audience online. But how many of you doting pet parents have turned your crafting skills to your pets? TikTok is full of things you can make to show your pets how much you love them – the best part being that unlike your sister’s comments about that wonky scarf you knitted up, your pets don’t mind at all about your level of skill.

Ahead, find five TikTok-approved crafts to make for your pets at home.

Cardboard cat house

Everyone knows that cats like somewhere to hide away when things get Too Much (hard relate). Everyone also knows that if you purchase an expensive item for your cat to use, they will ignore it and then slide your phone off the table for good measure. To avoid spending big on a cat house your kitty might not even use, why not copy some of the cardboard creations on TikTok? These range from literally a cardboard box to actual cardboard palaces. Due to the less-than-durable nature of cardboard, and the precarity of stacked boxes, sticking to a one-storey house is recommended but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the world’s most adorable cat bungalow like TikTok user Alys did for her cat Jiji. All you need is one sturdy cardboard box, a Stanley knife and some non-toxic paints for decoration. A favourite blanket with your cat’s scent on, plus a couple of treats should make the inside irresistible.

Wooly bobble hat

@laurenapolis Winter pet craft tutorial! 🐱 Works other animals too just change the tube size. #tutorial #crafts #DIY #cats #winky ♬ Guillotine - Death Grips

Obviously, your pet is not going to wear an adorable bobble hat that you make for them. But let’s ignore that insignificant detail and make it anyway. All you need is wool in a jaunty colour, some scissors and a cardboard tube that’s the right size for the rim of your hat. A tiny piece of a toilet roll might work for your kitty, but if you’ve got a big dog, you might have to create your own cardboard ring out of some bendy cardboard. 

Sweatshirt cat bed

If your kitty loves to sleep on your favourite sweatshirt, leaving it covered in cat hair and a delightful odour, then the time has come to give up on the sweatshirt and upcycle it into a cosy stuffed bed for your cat. Selfless much? This craft tutorial from @zoetips310 does require a little bit of sewing, and although a sewing machine would be helpful, it’s not a necessity. So grab yourself some stuffing (Hobbycraft or somewhere similar should have it), a needle and thread, and wave goodbye to that sweatshirt and hello to your cat’s cosy new bed. 

T-shirt tug toy 

@bestfriendsanimalsociety Make these super easy #diydogtoys for the dogs at your local shelter! #shelterdogs #dogtoys ♬ Love Of My Life - Metrow Ar

Anyone who made a friendship bracelet back in their school days with have no trouble with this DIY tug toy from @bestfriendanimalsociety. It involves repurposing an old T-shirt, ripping it into strips and plaiting it up nice and thick. Et voila, a new and shiny toy for your dog to destroy. For those with super chewer dogs, you’re probably going to want to stick to professionally made, hardier toys.

Cardboard cat toy

@isymakesthings Easy DIY Cat Toys: Episode 2 You will need: - Scissors - String - Thick/tapestry needle - Ruler - Pencil - Some card Step 1: Draw squares on the card - I just used the thickness of my ruler as a guide to avoid having to measure Step 2: Cut out Step 3: Tie a knot in the string at the end Step 4: Thread the needle Step 5: String on the cardboard - depending on the thickness of the cardboard and the sharpness of your needle you may need to push against the table to be able to push the needle through Step 6: Tie another knot to keep the cardboard from coming off Step 7: Play time! - I think Nala really likes the scratching noise it makes across different surfaces and then it’s also great to grab and kick Step 8: Share your DIY cat toy ideas in the comments Thanks for watching! Like and follow for more episodes in this series! #DIYCatToy #DIYCatToys #DIYCatToyIdeas #CatEnrichment #PetLoversOfTikTok #CatsOfTikTok #CatMum #CatDad #CatLady #CardboardCrafts #GingerCatsOfTikTok #DIYGameForCats #ToysForCats #FreeCatToy #CheapCatToy #TikTokCats #TikTokCat #PetsOfTikTok #CatLover #Cat #Cats #SustainableCatToy #MakeYourOwnCatToy #UpcycledCatToy #HappyCat #DIYCat #CatLife #HouseCatsOfTikTok #CatLoversClub ♬ Surf music that feels summer - SKUNK

A playful cat will play with anything but they especially like getting their mitts into cardboard for scratching. This super-easy cat toy from @isymakesthings requires nothing more than string, cardboard, scissors and a thick needle. If you’re looking for something else entirely, Isy has got more videos for different pet crafts on her page – all made from deadstock materials.

Felt snuffle mat

@tworiversdogtraining If you cant tell by this video, i am not a perfectionist. So heres a the quick and dirty way to make a homeade snuffle mat foe your pup! #dogenrichment #dogtoy #diydogtoy #snufflemat #easycraft ♬ original sound - Erin King

We all know how important enrichment toys are for your dog’s brain. Keeping their mind active is just as important as keeping their legs pumping up and down the park. For this DIY snuffle mat from @tworiversdogtraining, you will need a ruler, a bunch of pieces of felt, needle and thread (again, a sewing machine would be helpful but if you can hand stitch in a straight line and have the patience, have at it) and a pair of scissors. Once finished, chuck in a couple of dog treats and watch as your dog tries to snuffle them out. 

Lazy enrichment toys

For those who haven’t been gifted the crafting gene and for whom the ‘reality vs expectation’ memes ring a little too true, these lazy DIY enrichment toys from @Digitdax are for you. Minimal effort, maximum reward. If your dog is prone to eating the things they chew then perhaps best to skip the cardboard and plastic bottle-related creations…

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