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11 Dog Trainers You Should Follow On TikTok

Get expert, entertaining dog training tips while you scroll

by Megan Penney
31 October 2023
Side by side screenshots of Tik Toks by Tik Tok trainers. Left most image shows a woman with a surprised face with text that reads, "If my dog has a bad day, I'm not a failure," in white with, "Reactive Dog Owner ANTHEM," in pink. The center image is of a woman standing in her living room entry way which reads "Teach your dog to STOP jumping." The right most image depicts a Nigerian man training a tan dog that reads, "TEACHING A DOG TO WALK WITH ME."
Left: @sailorjerrithedogtrainer; Center: @morganstarr2; Right: @ericandcaprithepup / Tik Tok

New pup? Or just curious why your dog is being weird? While these TikTok accounts won’t replace a professional training session, they can give you some great insight into canine behaviour and training – without sending you into a black hole of Google searches and Reddit threads. We compiled a variety of different trainers who have different styles, tips and entertaining videos to keep you scrolling with your pup late into the evening.

1. Laurie C Williams


Laurie began training dogs back in the early 1980s and is the former Vice President of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (the world’s largest dog trainer professional organisation). She is a published writer and she participated in the first nationally televised prime time reality show about dogs, Greatest American Dog. While Laurie has decades of experience training, she is always learning new techniques. She has videos on everything from clicker training, to the problem with trainers shaming dog owners, to dog sports. Laurie is a breath of fresh air with her distaste for drama and her no-nonsense advice to dog owners.

2. Patrick Meier


Patrick Meier documents all of the training and fun that goes on at a doggie daycare in Switzerland, with content like ‘Dog Training for Dummies’ and ‘4 Types of Dog Owners’, and entertaining videos of him spending time with a large pack of pups. Between training videos, you can get the fun, light-hearted dog content we all love to come across on our feeds. Patrick is a total dog person with great tips – but be warned, watching his videos might make you want to move to Switzerland to live every day in his shoes.

3. Gia Savocchi


Gia is a professional dog trainer and dog behaviour specialist certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She specialises in cases of anxiety and aggression, so her page isn’t as light as some of the others on this list. But it is still incredibly interesting and informative (did you know that Bulldogs have a breed trait that makes them attracted to moving objects?), and Gia does include some fun moments on her page, too. There’s a video of a Bulldog riding a Roomba that you need to see.

4. Rogue Canine Training


Ridge is a young dog trainer with great training content and highly entertaining stories of his time working at an animal shelter. His videos are real and show teachable moments within training environments and shelters, but he also gives us those Karen stories we all hate to love on this app. Ridge’s videos vary enough that it is all too easy to binge-watch them.

5. Cass


Cass isn’t just a trainer: they lead puppy training classes. Yes, that means tons of videos of puppies learning stuff and being adorable. There is even a video of dogs booping Cass on the nose. Of course, there is some adult dog representation, but the puppy piece adds an unreal level of cuteness – and aren’t puppy videos one of the main reasons we’re on social media? Even with all the distracting adorable faces, you’ll learn a lot. We recommend you run, don’t walk, to their page.

6. Amelia Steele


Trainer and dog behaviourist Amelia helps dog owners whose pups aren’t treat- or toy-motivated. She believes that dog training should be accessible to everyone, which is why she posts so much free content not just on her TikTok, but also on her other social media platforms. Beyond tips on training your own dog (you will learn a lot about lick mats), she also has a great video on what to look for in a dog trainer.

7.  Five by Five Canine


Bronagh is a certified dog trainer, family dog mediator and agility coach. Her videos are super informative and, in many cases, show her working with her own reactive and chronically ill (and super-adorable) dog, Oz. Bronagh believes that training is never over and is an ongoing part of every dog’s life. She does breakdowns of dog behaviour in videos to better help people understand dog behaviour and communication. This fun page is full of great advice to help dog owners of any experience level.

@fivebyfivek9 Just because a tail is wagging, does not mean a dog is safe to approach 🚫 #tailwagging #caninecommunication #dogbodylanguage #dogbehavior #doglanguage ♬ original sound - Five By Five Canine

8. Morgan Starr


Morgan is calling on pet parents to “find freedom with your dog.” According to her website, her mission is “to help your dog have more freedom to roam, explore, and adventure.” Her page is super relatable as far as trainer TikTok accounts go, with a combination of entertainment and how-tos with all different kinds of commands. It is super refreshing to have some fun commands mixed in with the more serious ones, including the ‘bang’ command where dogs ‘play dead’. I mean, who doesn’t want their dog to learn fun stuff to show off on your own social media account (or theirs)? Oh, and there are also a few videos of her training her cat mixed in.

9. Kat The Dog Trainer


Kat is less focused on teaching commands than on discussing behaviour. She has many videos on body language, reactivity and enrichment ideas; and she even breaks down human body language in relation to dogs. Kat is highly entertaining, tells it how it is, and also pushes for transparency in dog training. She might not know your pup personally, but she is advocating for your pup from Toronto.

10. Sailor Jerri


If you love yourself some Pitties and you want to learn a little something, check out Sailor Jerri’s page. She has endless funny videos about her experiences in the dog training industry, moments with her pup Enzo and lots of training-related content. You will notice a lot of back-and-forth comparing different types of training in other trainers’ videos, but Jerri advocates against this division, which makes her teaching style unique.

@sailorjerrithedogtrainer Pass me on the street and you might just get a free lesson too ❤️🐾 #tulsapackathletics #dogtrainer #dogtraining #balancedtraining #balancedtrainer ♬ RAMPAGE - GRAVEDGR

11. Liv Healy-Mirkovich


OK, yes, this is a list of dog trainers, and Liv trains both dogs and cats. But we know many of you are both canine and feline parents, so even though this account is filled with cats being trained (yes, it’s a thing and we love it), we thought you all had to see it. Also, there is a surprising amount of overlap with dog training, which is pretty cool. 

@clickerkittens Enrichment doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive! #cats #enrichmentforpets ♬ Nuestra Canción (feat. Vicente García) - Monsieur Periné

Note: these accounts do not substitute hiring a trainer for the individual needs of your pup. These videos also highlight a variety of different types of training and tools. Inclusion of these profiles does not mean the author or publication condones or doesn’t condone any of these methods or tools. This is a neutral, entertainment-focused post that highlights a variety of training options, but it is up to the reader to do their research and decide what is best for them and their pup. Happy viewing!

Author Megan Penney and her two dogs

Megan Penney

Megan Penney is a devoted dog mom to Zoey and Mellie, and has fostered over 200 other dogs. While she worked in pet care during graduate school, she now works full time as a non-profit professional and fulfills her passion for pups on the side by volunteering, fostering, and helping others learn about fostering and adopting. 

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