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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (eg your ex). And get more tips on the people stuff.

Golden retriever lying in grass with red eyes

The brand is advising pet parents to keep their pets indoors during peak pollen times “until September”

Could this be the ultimate way to show your love for your pet?

Valentin Pujadas illustration

This Mental Health Awareness Week, experts share the science-backed ways our pets offer us emotional support

a small brown kitten is bottle fed

The charity is expecting an influx of kittens this summer

Baby Lasagna Croatia Eurovision entry 2024 and a cat

Meow back, dammit

cat stares up at the stars in the night sky

We see a new cat in your future. Here’s what you should name them

Two vets sit on the pavement in the background with an old Staffie dog in the foreground.

Meet the charity that helps protect the animal-human bond

Taylor Swift holding two small kittens in each hand and smiling down at them

In celebration of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, we unleash the best Taylor Swift-inspired pet names for all the Swifties out there

A man sitting at his kitchen table using a laptop with a black and white cat on his lap.

A report shows that man has a new best friend

man with ginger hair and beard, wearing a blue T-shirt lying down and looking at his black dog in his arms

Everything you need to know about how pet insurance works in the UK

Woman with brown hair on hand and knees with yellow cleaning gloves on, cleaning the floor whilst a black Labrador watches on

Because we have to look after the four-legged family members, too

aries collage

Or the diva cat energy. Either applies this month

an illustration of a cat with various cat chores: being groomed, scooping the litter box, feeding the cat

So you don’t have to be annoyed anymore

pisces celebrities rihanna, drew barrymore and kumail nanjiani

Cry into their fur until notable birthday girl Rihanna releases a new album

tri-colour, calico cat, white, black and tabby cat lying on their back with their paws lifted, looking at the camera

Peel back the layers of mystery to discover the truth about our feline friends

Two senior cats laying on a couch

I adopted a couple of seniors because cats, like wine, only get better with age

A Birma Kat Smells Fresh Fish On A Board Ready To Be Cooked.

It’s a classic kitty snack, but don’t go overboard

Brie Larson and the dog in Lessons in Chemistry

“One day you’re working with Meryl Streep, and the next day you literally have a pony at somebody’s party”

Happy woman and cute cat playing with disco ball glitter confetti at home.

Make this new year a great one for your kitty

A Young Woman Rests in the Grass With Pet Poodle Dog.

From sustainability to training, here’s what the new year promises to bring to the pet world

Cats might be curious creatures, but when yours goes missing it can send the most composed pet parent into a spin

Kim-Joy holding desserts in her hand while standing in front of a teal background

The quirky, Insta-famous baker and The Great British Bake-Off star on her adopted kitten littermates and their fascination with watching her knead dough

Juno Dawson on a couch with her Chihuahua, Prince

The author of the ninth-most banned book in the US finds joy in creating queer art and basking in the unconditional love of her Chihuahua