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Astrology-Inspired Cat Names For Your Celestial Kitty

We see a new cat in your future. Here’s what you should name them

by Jess Commons
1 May 2024
cat stares up at the stars in the night sky
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If you’ve been deciphering your horoscope creatively over the past few months, willing it to give you explicit instructions to get yourself a cat, then take this as the sign you’ve been waiting for. If you can afford it, and you’re committed to sharing your life with a four-legged furball then get thee to the nearest adoption centre and register your interest.

While you’re waiting, how about thinking up a name? Being such a proponent of all things celestial, it may seem natural to you to turn to the source who encouraged you to get a cat in the first place: astrology.

Ahead, we’ve done the hard work and collected together a list of astrology-inspired cat names.


The famous constellation with the fabulous belt. Orion was a hunter, much like your beloved kitty will be too. Even if most of their hunting is done in their dreams before they wake to find a bowl magically filled with delectable chunks of cooked meat in gravy.


For those of you out there too young to remember, Mystic Meg was once the nation’s astrologist. Appearing weekly on the National Lottery she’d predict facts about the winner, with varying success. Whatever her spiritual ability, there was no question about the fact that the woman could serve looks like they were going out of business. A good name for an elegantly quirky kitty.


The fifth sign of the zodiac has obvious links to cats, what with it being a lion and all. The character traits sound familiar, too. Leos easily charm people they meet, but sometimes need to be reminded to show interest in the lives of others around them. And, as per “this sign can be dramatic from time to time, especially if they feel disrespected.” Sound like any four-legged friends you know?


The Roman goddess of the dawn. It was believed that each morning Aurora would be the first to wake and would usher in the new day across the sky. This is very much like your cat head-butting open your door at an unearthly hour and yowling until they’re fed. Beautiful.


The name of one of Uranus’ moons, Francisco is small and dark and crucially, is the only moon in Uranus’ orbit that goes the opposite way to all of the others. Perfect for a free-thinking kitty with their own ideas about how house rules work.


One of the brightest stars in the Sagittarius constellation, this massive star (bigger than our sun!) has no real links to cats. It’s just a really fun word to say. The naughtier your cat, the more you’ll get to say it.


It’s the most popular dog’s name in the UK so why not stick it to the man and bestow it upon your kitty too. Luna means ‘moon’ in Spanish.


For a particularly fluffy or robust cat, the Latin word for ‘bear’ has a cute ring to it. You probably recognise it from the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (big bear and little bear).


Pronounced boh-OH-teez which you can probably just shorten to ‘Boots’. This constellation means the ‘herdsman’ and, if you’ve ever had the experience of herding cats, you’ll know that they’re the ones doing the herding.

girl with blonde hair with ginger cat on her lap

Jess Commons

Jess is a writer, editor and former global lifestyle director at Refinery29 with previous stints at ITV, Grazia, The Debrief (RIP) and more. She is a sucker for an older gentleman cat with A Past and spends most of her time being told what to do by her toddler and her three-legged rescue cat, Mac.

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