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conditions & treatments

The medical stuff is stressful. Get expertise on common (and not-so-common) health issues, from causes and symptoms to the latest treatments for pets.

dog sneezing among flowers

Seasonal allergies can happen to your pet, too. They might just look a little different to yours

Blinking white and tan cat looks at the camera

Two veterinarians explain how to properly administer cat eye medication

A woman brushes a cat's hair.

Break the cycle before it gets worse... trust us

A ginger cat sitting upright against a wall, displaying their white fluffy primordial pouch.

A low-swinging belly is totally normal in cats and isnt usually a cause for concern. So, dont let your kitty feel ashamed – theyre perfect just as they are

Mom cat and her kittens.

Are kittens on the way? Here’s how to find out

Red Cat On Threshold Looks At The Camera And Meows.

This can happen over time or very suddenly. Either way, it’s important to learn more about this symptom

White Persian cat on a blue background

Here’s how to help them get relief

Siamese cat coughing

You thought it was a hairball, but nothing’s coming up

Cat sitting by its litter box

Seriously, though – here’s how to deal with cat constipation

cat eating sensitive stomach food for cats

Dr Bruce Kornreich explains why going this route isn’t always the answer

vet smiling at dog

As a vet working in emergency practice, I often see cases where these bills could be reduced or avoided altogether

cat sitting in a litter box

Dr Audrey K Cook’s tips to getting to the bottom of a sh*tty situation

Orange cat relaxes in the garden.

Itchy and definitely not fun – here’s what to look out for

Cat playing and jumping with a rubber band

The most common questions about feline immunodeficiency virus, answered. Good news: most FIV positive cats live long, happy lives

grey and white cat with tongue sticking out

Here’s when you should worry if your cat is throwing up

Siamese cat in the middle of sneeze

Kitty sneezes can be alarming, but they’re not always cause for concern

kitten lying on the floor breathing through his mouth

“Cats don’t pant to cool off like dogs do.” Unless your pet is catching their breath after doing the zoomies, Dr Gary Weitzman says panting could be cause for concern

Cat sticking its tongue out in motion

Sometimes it works the other way round – here’s why your cat is drooling

Owner pets senior ginger cat.

How to spot and how to treat them

Person with short hair putting water bowl on floor for cat

Their desert-dwelling roots might resist hydration, but these tricks can help

A cat lazing about at home resting on a cushion.

Nasal discharge doesn’t sound cute, but you need to know what to look out for

A gray cat sneezes from red poppies in a field.

They’re not exactly blowing their noses and rubbing Vicks on their chests, but here’s what you need to know

Smiling Woman And Cat Looking Each Other In The Bedroom.

Cats’ eyes are strikingly beautiful, but goopy, irritated eyes are not

Siberian cat licking her paw outdoors.

What to look for and how to treat it (to be able to eat rice again)

Dark-haired woman holding her ragdoll cat

And why this means adopting a cat from a rescue centre could be a better choice

Ginger adult cat sits in flowering summer garden on pavement.

It’s not always as simple as scraping out the stinger. Find out everything you need to know

Woman Holding Her Black Cat.

Ick. It won’t be fun, but here’s how to get the job done