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basic obedience & training

Learn how to teach your pet basic obedience from the pros: toilet training, crate training, even litter training. Plus, how to find a professional trainer.

Person walking dog on lead

Ways to keep your dog safe that you’ve never thought of 

Where did the Great Dane originate? Learn more about the history and genetic origins of this working dog

Gun dog in a field

Different breeds need different things...

a woman pets her elderly black greyhound

Where did the Greyhound originate? Learn more about the history and genetic origins of the sighthound group

woman lying on floor hugging lab puppy playing with ball

Just ’letting them out in the garden’ isn't an option for everyone, especially in this economy

group of three people and a dog gather round food on a picnic blanket on grass

There is nothing more humbling than apologising to a stranger in the park while your dog nibbles on their sausage roll

Border Collie puppy shaking owner's hand

Your puppy training schedule, from eight weeks to six months. Let’s do this

Side view portrait of black young woman playing with cute Shih Tzu dog and doing dog training.

Here’s your guide to how treats can help as your new pup is learning all the things

Birds-eye view looking down on a litter box with a dog looking into the box

Whilst typically associated with cats, the idea of litter trays for dogs isn’t entirely far-fetched

illustration of multi-colored dogs

It’s important to remember that dogs are individuals, so training isn’t one-size-fits-all

A woman wearing a knit sweater holding a dog close on the floor of her bedroom.

Train your dog to stay calm when they’re on their own – instead of sad-singing “All By Myself” until you come home.

Staffordshire bull terrier and clicker

Pro tips on training your dog with the click of a button – literally

Black puppy on leash lays next to its owner while she sits on bench resting.

Here are some tips for fitting training into your action-packed schedule

Golden retriever walking towards the camera with a pink rope toy in their mouth

It’s more than just an adorable habit… 

A woman walking 5 dogs on leashes outside.

A study found that a dog’s breed accounts for less than 10 percent of their behaviour

Man walking his dog on a pavement

We delve into the age-old debate

woman on the bus with her dog on the chair

An awkward reality for many of us

Smiling couple sitting on sofa with two playful labrador puppies.

Take it slow. This process should never feel like speed-dating

A woman walking with her dog at golden hour.

Animal behaviourist Karen London on how ‘springing forward’ causes your dog or cat to lose sleep, too

Photo of a young woman working on her laptop from her home, while her dog is waiting for her to finish - so they can play and cuddle.

You love that your dog is your shadow, but maybe not when you’re on a Zoom call

profile portrait of grumpy a ginger dog, inside on a golden retro velvet armchair

This study found that cranky pups are actually very fast social learners

action shot of a black and white Border Collie coming out of a tunnel section of a dog agility course at Crufts

And they all say the same simple thing…

dog wearing service dog tabard jumps up at girl with brown hair and tattoos

“A PAD can be life-changing – and even life saving”

Young man cuddling little white shih tzu puppy by the Atlantic Ocean.

The internet has a lot to tell you about your new addition. Here’s what’s actually true

A woman cleaning up pee on the wood floors inside while disciplining a grey puppy with a raised finger of disapproval

Training a dog can seem pretty intuitive – until it’s not

A puppy practicing obstacle training courses with owner.

Learn how to better communicate with your puppy through agility training

chinese crested dog crufts

Move over Hugh Jackman, this is the actual Greatest Show