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Food & Food Toppers

Kibble or canned? Fresh or dehydrated? Human-grade?! We’ll help you choose the best pet food on the market.

woman pouring tea while cat comes close

Can you feed your cat nuts? Learn more about the benefits and risks of feeding your kitty human foods

A woman feeding food to her cat at a dining room table

The best ingredients to include when considering a home-cooked diet for your cat

A cat eating wet food from a dish in the kitchen.

Tips for improving your cat’s appetite with these tasty add-ons

Senior cat looking at a bowl of wet food while its owner kneels next to it and pets its back

A new study reveals a quick fix for your cat’s loss of appetite

a woman feeds her large cat a treat

It can be hard to resist their powers of persuasion...

Two grey cats eating swiss cheese off of slices of bread while sitting on a table

Save the charcuterie board for the humans

A Birma Kat Smells Fresh Fish On A Board Ready To Be Cooked.

It’s a classic kitty snack, but don’t go overboard

Man feeding rice to cat with chopsticks at dinner table

A warm bowl of rice is your cat’s version of comfort food

Cat sniffing a piece of chocolate cake.

The human favourite should be kept far away from kitties

The cat got the cream – but is it good for them?

Cat eating out of metal bowl

Sharing isn’t always caring. Keep your cat safe by keeping these human snack staples to yourself

cat eating sensitive stomach food for cats

Dr Bruce Kornreich explains why going this route isn’t always the answer

Blonde woman holding cat trying to feed it ham

Ham is OK – with a couple of caveats

Discover the ways to get your picky eater to expand their culinary horizons

Cat asking for human food from counter

Good news for your begging cat: some of your favourite snacks are safe to share

Cat laying on his side with catnip around him, on the kitchen table licking his lips.

They’re definitely pulling for the answer to be an emphatic yes, but... not so fast

a cat stares at green grapes on a plate

This is one you’ll want to bookmark

Crop hand holding carrot and feeding cat

Learn whether your little Bugs Bunny can crunch on the veggie

an orange and brown cat nibbles corn on the cob

A few kernels won’t hurt, but think twice before doling out a bowl of the stuff

Cat behind a curtain attempting to get fruit in blue bowl

Pass the fruit bowl – it’s treat time

Profile view of a man giving a cat food to eat

A veterinary nutritionist explains the causes, signs and treatment for how to increase their appetite

Hand holding food bowl peeks into frame as a cat looks up expectantly

Four veterinary nutritionists pick apart the claims, so that you can choose the right food for your kitty

Woman feeds gray cat dry food.

While they might not be working on their ‘gains’, there are other reasons this diet could be a good fit

Two girls have a sleepover with a fluffy cat and a bowl of popcorn.

They want to enjoy movie night, too, you know