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weight management

Are chunky pets cute? Yes. Can obesity be a serious health problem for pets? Also yes. So let’s talk weight management tips to get your pet in good shape.

Grey cat at looking up from eating on floor at home

The mind-gut connection isn’t just for people. Your dog or cat’s gut microbiome plays a big role in their health and well-being

A dog and a cat eating from the same food dish.

Here are some pro tips to help make sure your pet’s weight isn't a problem

An orange cat walking on a yellow cat exercise wheel.

We delve into all things feline fitness to learn whether your cat should be shredding and shedding

a woman feeds her large cat a treat

It can be hard to resist their powers of persuasion...

Woman petting her cat

We love a chonky cat, but here’s what you should know

A ginger cat sitting upright against a wall, displaying their white fluffy primordial pouch.

A low-swinging belly is totally normal in cats and isnt usually a cause for concern. So, dont let your kitty feel ashamed – theyre perfect just as they are

The cat got the cream – but is it good for them?

Healing stone on Cavalier spaniel dog.

Your pet can benefit from your self-care practices, from supplements to acupuncture

Discover the ways to get your picky eater to expand their culinary horizons

white cat having dry food added to its feeder

Go ahead, make your morning routine a little easier

Great Dane dog and Chihuahua dog laying in the grass

We know, our pets grow up too fast. But seriously, how fast is too fast (or slow)? The Wildest and Waltham Petcare Science Institute created a simple tool to help your new pet’s growth stay on track

orange cat being given a small cat food bowl

Sometimes, they actually do need to eat

overweight orange cat

If they’ve lost their hourglass figure, then not that much – according to a veterinary nutritionist

Woman feeds gray cat dry food.

While they might not be working on their ‘gains’, there are other reasons this diet could be a good fit