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Articles by Dr Nina Blackmore, MRCVS, BVSc, PgCertSAECC

Dr Nina Blackmore, MRCVS, BVSc, PgCertSAECC

Nina Blackmore is a vet who, after leaving the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, took up two very different lives. For four long, chaotic days each fortnight she lives in a tiny house next to a small animal veterinary hospital in Boston, managing hospitalised patients and treating any emergency cases that turn up. As well as emergencies she also has a keen interest in pain management and acupuncture. The rest of her time is spent in a quirky bungalow in Rutland where she and her husband run a self sufficient small holding and a dog home boarding business. She spends her life surrounded by animals and has made it her life goal to help as many as possible.