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Dr. Zay Satchu smiling while lifting a white dog.

Dr Zay Satchu, DVM

Chief Veterinary Officer + Co-Founder of Bond Vet

Dr Zay is the co-founder of Bond Vet, a pet health company with tech-enabled urgent and routine care veterinary clinics across NYC. An animal lover from an early age, she has spent nearly two decades working in the animal health sector – in vet clinic environments with cats and dogs, horses, wildlife, and even at a specialty falcon hospital in Dubai. Dr Zay is also a strong proponent of positive workplace environments, and hopes to push the veterinary industry towards a more sustainable path. Bond Vet’s clinics boast fashion, function, and technology all in one – allowing for a better pet-parent experience.

What inspired you to work with animals?

I grew up completely enthralled with every animal experience I had. I loved horses and the little baby birds I’d see outside my home and forced my parents to take me to every petting zoo around. I’ve always had a passion for animals. Growing up, I knew I wanted to get my foot in the door in whatever way possible – to find a life working with them and to treat the innocent creatures that brought me and so many others so much joy. I’ve worked in every sector of the animal care industry, including exotic animals and wildlife. It’s a very rewarding and gratifying thing to solve a sick animal’s medical concerns. 

What is Bond Vet’s mission? 

We started the company with two main goals. First, to nurture and foster the human-animal bond. Animals are phenomenal for our well-being: they help humans overcome ailments, feel less lonely, and increase the overall quality of our lives. Especially during the pandemic, people have realised how important that relationship is. We feel fortunate to support that bond and help pets – and by extension, their humans – live longer, better lives. Our second and just as important goal is to create a healthy workplace in the veterinary industry. With such high rates of burnout, it’s clear the industry hasn’t done enough to make it better. My goal is to create a healthy workplace culture, one where team members truly look out for one another. The desire to create a sustainable veterinary organisation for its people is what prompted Bond Vet originally. Team members are the most important part of our organisation – a happy team often translates to a happy client experience.

What keeps you motivated to help pets (and their parents)? 

The value of working in this industry is infinite. I’m constantly motivated by the people around me. We’re tireless and empathetic to no end! I’m motivated by those I see contributing to our business and by the human-animal bond, which is at the core of why we do what we do. I’m also motivated by the intricacy of what we offer; it’s pretty incredible to be welcomed into people’s lives and the lives of their pets, and I feel very fortunate for that.

What is your best piece of pet parenting advice? 

Patience, patience, self-forgiveness, and more patience. Things take time, whether it’s a new bond, a new trick, or a new medication. Try and enjoy the journey, and know that you will make mistakes along the way. It’s okay, you’re doing your best – and we’re here to help!

What’s the wildest part of your job? 

How fortunate I am to be able to work every day in a field I care about, and help pioneer the change that this industry has desperately needed. We’re forever pushing to be better.