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dr lindsey wendt

Dr Lindsey Wendt, DVM, CVA, CVFT, CCRT

Licensed Veterinarian and Founder of Crystal Lotus Veterinary Care

Dr Lindsey Wendt graduated with honours from UC Davis Veterinary School with a focus in zoological medicine. When her dog, Nala, was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, she found herself in the shoes of a frustrated pet parent. Nala wasn’t responding to traditional Western therapy and Dr Wendt was suffering from caregiver and compassion fatigue. By combining her medical acumen, intuition, and open-minded nature in exploring integrative treatments that aren’t considered mainstream, Dr Wendt customised Nala’s care to her and guided her body to heal. This experience inspired her to open Crystal Lotus Vet, where she can provide well-rounded, customised health care to pet parents. She is certified in veterinary acupuncture, physical therapy, and Chinese veterinary food therapy.

​What inspired you to work with animals?

I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was five years old. I have always felt a deep connection to animals, and I find fulfilment in advocating for and assisting them in obtaining the best quality of life possible. 

What is Crystal Lotus Veterinary Care’s mission/philosophy?

Providing personalised integrative veterinary care to elevate the health and wellness of the patient to its highest potential, allowing the human-animal bond to flourish. 

What keeps you motivated to help pets (and their parents)?

I am constantly exploring and challenging myself to find new ways to provide tailored individual health care, because I have been in the shoes of a frustrated pet parent whose fur baby doesn’t respond as expected to a Western-medicine approach. I have always had a passion for assisting patients in recovering from an acute illness, but I excel in the detail-orientated approach that is necessary in the management of chronic conditions by finding the perfect combination for each individual. 

What is your best piece of advice to pet parents?

Find a veterinarian who you trust, and make sure to be open and honest with your concerns about your pet, no matter how tiny the issue may seem. You are an asset to your pets’ healthcare, since the small changes you notice can provide an opportunity to intervene or discover a health issue before it has time to manifest itself completely!

What’s the wildest part of your job?  

The wildest part of my job is when I get an opportunity to practice with exotic animals. In my early career I worked with exotics of all sizes (from naked mole rats to elephants), but now I focus my day-to-day practice on dogs and cats. Occasionally, I’ll help the Los Angeles Zoo with some special cases – I recently worked with one of their harbour seals and a lemur that was having some issues.